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[Frontpaged] Mp3tag 3.11f Beta


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Mp3tag 3.11f Beta


Mp3tag Development Build Status

3.11f (2021-12-10)
•NEW: added option to open files in Explorer via 'File > Open in Explorer' or context menu.
•NEW: added option to open configuration folder via 'File > Open configuration folder'.
•NEW: added note if running Portable or Microsoft Store version to about dialog.
•NEW: added _DIRECTORY and _FILENAME as listed fields for converter 'Tag - Tag'.
•CHG: improved live preview of converter 'Tag - Tag'.
•CHG: improved scrolling behavior on Tag Panel. (#46256)
•FIX: renaming directories via action 'Format value' allowed to create names with leading whitespace which is not allowed on Windows. (#55143)
•FIX: covers with transparent background were drawn with an overlay effect on Tag Panel and Extended Tags Dialog. (#55170)

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