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BitComet 1.82





v1.82    2021.10.26
    GUI Improve: add HTTP servers pane below the task list
    GUI Improve: the Files pane can display the downloaded file of HTTP task now
    GUI Improve: improve the switching relationship for panes below the task list when switching between BT task and HTTP task
    GUI Improve: display updating status in RSS list pane in the left of main window
    GUI Improve: display the size of all files and the size of file boundary padding in tooltip of task size in BT task summary pane
    GUI Improve: decode UTF8 failure info received from HTTP tracker
    GUI Bugfix: mistaken of uTP packets recv number in the Statistics pane
    GUI Bugfix: the tooltip display incorrectly after the header of peer list reordered
    GUI Bugfix: the size of selected files in BT task dialog is incorrect for tree list
    GUI Bugfix: failed to load passport pane under Windows 11 in certain case
    Core Bugfix: the mirror URL added manually not used when restart HTTP task, if the option of search for mirror is disabled
    Core Bugfix: fix error handling for IPv6 UDP trackers
    Core Bugfix: improve the stability of DHT modular
    Core Bugfix: improve the stability of hash calculating for BitTorrent task



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