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Changelog: https://www.aimp.ru/?do=changelog

AIMP v5.00, build 2338 (21.10.2021)

  • = Sound engine: an ability to remap channels for 5.0 and 7.0 channel schemes
  • = Tag editor: chapters editor - the space keystroke now is used as hotkey to suspend / resume playback
  • = Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved
  • = Plugins: last.fm - reduced number of requests to the service
  • = Plugins: musicBrainz - search the album art and track information via MusicBrainz service
  • - Fixed: plugins - information bar - opacity slider is unaccessible (regression)
  • - Fixed: plugins - scheduler - volume control does not work in simple mode (regression)
  • - Fixed other minor issues

Download Page: https://www.aimp.ru/?do=download

Download Page - Win: https://www.aimp.ru/?do=download&os=windows


Installer: https://aimp.ru/files/windows/builds/aimp_5.00.2338.exe

No Installer: https://aimp.su/storage/aimp_5.00.2338_no-installer.zip




SHA256: 9d3bcaf144165434eb344afd1ae72ce9b8bec728fdac9f0054d3a968ca44fa16
MD5: 086a2a359ab7cec3975817d4ebd0af5c


No Installer:

SHA256: 36a6f8aad88d3234ea8bdb5e11015b2a8e535bf1d3d07bbbc9b18d9ed00beeef
MD5: 1d68ba64de7acc9743a8ecb55b0137fb

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