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HiJackThis Fork




HiJackThis Fork can detect and correct the changes in the most vulnerable areas of the operating system caused by adware, spyware, malware and other unwanted software.


Mostly there is an extensive list of changes or improvements over the original HijackThis including new operating system support and too much more to list here as it would take many paragraphs.

The interface should be familiar to HijackThis users with some visual updates. You can scan, scan and save a log file as well as a tools section with the process manager, hosts file manager, ADS spy, and more. Right-clicking on any entry will allow you to get information including searching Google.


HiJackThis Fork primarily detects hijacking methods rather than comparing items against a pre-built database. This allows it to detect new or previously unknown malware - but it also makes no distinction between safe and unsafe items. Users are expected to research all scanned items, and only remove items from their PC when absolutely appropriate.

HiJackThis has a couple of catches. First, it's only for advanced users. You can get into a lot of trouble by deleting the wrong thing rendering your operating system inoperable. Second, HijackThis has become mostly obsolete with the growth of full-blown anti-malware removal tools.

That said, the attempt here is using the base functionality of HijackThis while updating for the modern operating system and newer threats. Fans of HijackThis who have found it's no longer useful for them might just find HiJackThis Fork very helpful, especially for technicians.

Lists non-default settings in the registry, hard drive and memory related to autostart
Generates organized, easily readable reports
Does not use a database of specific malware, adware, etc
Detects potential methods used by hijackers
Can be configured to automatically scan at system boot up



  • Short logs
  • Fast scans
  • No need to manually create fixing scripts
  • No need for Internet access or recurring database updates
  • Already familiar to many people
  • Portable



[] - 10/14/2021
- Added definition for Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022.
- Added DisplayVersion in addition to ReleseId where possible.
- O22 - Tasks: added whitelists.

- Transferred to the status: stable release.
- O26 - Fixed false "file missing".
- O7 Policy - added more keys to define DisableTaskMgr.


Homepage: https://github.com/dragokas/hijackthis


Download:  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dragokas/hijackthis/devel/binary/HiJackThis.exe



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