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Disk Pulse Pro / Ultimate / Enterprise 13.8.16


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DiskPulse is a real-time disk change monitoring solution allowing one to monitor one or more disks or directories, save reports and disk change monitoring statistics, export detected changes to a centralized SQL database, execute custom commands and send E-Mail notifications when unauthorized changes are detected in critical system files.


DiskPulse Main GUI Application
The DiskPulse GUI application provides the user with the ability to start/stop disk change monitoring operations, review detected file system changes and export reports.

Disk Change Monitoring Filters
The bottom part of the DiskPulse GUI application includes the 'Categories' pane, which is capable of categorizing detected file system changes by the file type, size, extension, user name, etc. and allows one to filter changes by one or more change categories.

Disk Change Monitoring Statistics
The pie charts dialog is capable of showing numbers of changed files and the amount of changed disk space per extension, change type, file size and file type. In addition, the user is provided with the ability to copy the chart image to the clipboard allowing one to easily integrate DiskPulse charts into presentations and documents.

Disk Change Monitoring Directories
The profile dialog's 'Monitor' tab allows one to specify one or more disks or directories that should be monitored. All the specified directories will be monitored recursively including all subdirectories.

Disk Change Monitoring Events
The profile dialog's 'Events' tab allows one to select one or more file system event types that should be monitored.

Disk Change Monitoring Rules
The profile dialog's 'Rules' tab provides the user with the ability to limit a disk change monitoring operation to one or more specific file types.

Disk Change Monitoring Actions and E-Mail Notifications
The profile dialog's 'Advanced' tab allows one to automatically save reports, submit changes to a database, send E-Mail notifications and/or execute custom commands when a disk change monitoring operation will detect a specified number of changes.

Search File System Changes
The search dialog allows one to search disk changes by the file name, location, modification date, category, file size, file owner, etc. in all disk change monitoring reports stored in an SQL database.

DiskPulse Disk Change Monitor Server
DiskPulse Server is a server-based product version, which runs in the background as a service and allows one to perform multiple, parallel disk change monitoring operations, send E-Mail notifications, save reports, export detected changes to a centralized SQL database, send error messages to the system event log and/or execute custom user commands when a user-specified number of changes detected.

DiskPulse Enterprise
DiskPulse Enterprise can be used as a centralized reports database server capable of receiving disk change monitoring reports from multiple production servers. DiskPulse Enterprise allows one to define a centralized set of report analysis rules, which are automatically applied to disk change monitoring reports received from production servers, detect critical file system changes and send E-Mail notifications.


In This Release:

  • Adds the ability to search changes in the reports database
  • Adds the ability to classify changes in the reports database
  • Adds the ability to automate the report generation operations
  • Improves all types of disk change monitoring reports
  • Fixes a number of bugs


Homepage: https://www.diskpulse.com/

Version History: https://www.diskpulse.com/news.html

Download page: https://www.diskpulse.com/downloads.html

Pro 32Bit: https://www.diskpulse.com/setups/diskpulsepro_setup_v13.8.16.exe

Pro 64Bit: https://www.diskpulse.com/setups_x64/diskpulsepro_setup_v13.8.16_x64.exe

Ultimate 32Bit: https://www.diskpulse.com/setups/diskpulseult_setup_v13.8.16.exe

Ultimate 64Bit: https://www.diskpulse.com/setups_x64/diskpulseult_setup_v13.8.16_x64.exe

Enterprise 32Bit: https://www.diskpulse.com/setups/diskpulseent_setup_v13.8.16.exe

Enterprise 64Bit: https://www.diskpulse.com/setups_x64/diskpulseent_setup_v13.8.16_x64.exe



Site: https://www.mirrored.to
Sharecode [?]: /files/1XPXA46J/

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