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UpdatePack7R2 21.9.15


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The package is designed to integrate updates into Windows 7 SP1 x86-x64 and Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 distributions, as well as install them on a production system. The installer works with any edition of these operating systems, in any bitness and in any language.



The system must have at least 10 GB of free space on the hard drive and preferably at least 1 GB of free RAM.

You can drag the pure iso distribution kit with the mouse to UpdatePack7R2 and get a ready updated iso image.

For flexible installation of the kit, you can use the following keys and their combinations:

  • Switch / Reboot to automatically reboot if required.
  • / S switch for a completely silent installation without windows or messages. Case matters.
  • / Silent switch for passive installation - progress is visible, but the installation is fully automatic.
  • The / Temp = switch allows you to specify a temporary working directory. It doesn't have to be empty, but it must exist.
  • The / NoSpace key allows you to skip checking the free space on the system partition; it is not recommended to use it.
  • The / FixOn switch enables protection against Meltdown and Specter, and / FixOff turns it off. Without keys, protection is disabled for Win7, and enabled for Win2008R2.


In This Release:

  • Added KB5005633-x86-x64 with disabling telemetry and processor checking (replaces KB5005088-x86-x64)
  • Certificate update similar to KB931125 and KB2917500 for September 2021


Homepage: https://blog.simplix.info/update7/

Download: https://update7.simplix.info/UpdatePack7R2.exe

Full Package Download Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F04CC77658D817554531222C2D418E7EDA10C7EB

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Offline installer. This example assumes the files are being downloaded to Desktop.


1. Download two files:




2. Open 7-Zip and go to Desktop
3. Select UpdatePack7R2-
4. Right-click > Combine files... > Click "OK"
5. In the file new file on desktop, add .exe so the full name is UpdatePack7R2-21.9.15.exe


Or if you use WinRAR, just open UpdatePack7R2- and extract it. Then add .exe to the extracted file so the full name is UpdatePack7R2-21.9.15.exe

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3 hours ago, vcspixr said:

Name: UpdatePack7R2-21.9.15.exe
Size: 837520576 bytes (798 MiB)
SHA1: 70E867ECF628E111F3F373B40BC7A79D9611C49D



Yes, this is correct numbers. :)

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