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Total Commander 10.00 RC 2


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Total Commander 10.00RC2 (32-64 bit) Multilingual by PortableAppZ


File manager for Windows without installation.

Download Portable TotalCommander Multiversion 32-64 bit Online
Site: https://www.mediafire.com  
Sharecode:  /file/0kc9o0o0a4no68i/TotalCommander_Portable_Multiversion_Multilingual_Online.exe/file

In first screen enter tc1000x32_64_rc2



Extract and run TotalCommanderPortable.
Included: 7zip & DiskDir PackerPlugins.
Your wincmd.key will be used if found in Data\TotalCommander.
Language set by launcher according UserDefaultLang (if you don't want: write UserDefaultLang=false in TotalCommanderPortable.ini): English, SimpChinese, Czech, Danish, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish.
Settings of installed TotalCommander should be preserved.

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Total Commander 10.00 RC2 Multilingual portable paf by Jooseng  @jooseng
Size: 22.7 MB
Site: https://mega.nz
Sharecode: /file/OxtUhR7Z#2bUFqgSKohDVBxSX73PZuDW0i948ET67mw783HqKkec
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