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Huawei P50 renders show details of its over-the-top camera module


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Huawei P50 renders show details of its over-the-top camera module


  • Renders of the Huawei P50 appear to offer more details about its camera.
  • You’d get ‘just’ a 13-90mm equivalent zoom, but plenty of lenses.
  • It’s not clear when the P50 series will ship.



Credit: Teme / Twitter


More details of the Huawei P50 series’ apparently ridiculous camera array might have emerged. Established leaker Teme has shared renders showing what look like close-ups of the P50’s camera system, including some  possible new details.


The P50 on display (possibly a Pro Plus) has the giant, two-section camera bump seen in previous leaks, but lettering on the phone suggests it will have a 13-90mm equivalent zoom. That offers roughly the same zoom factor as in predecessors like the P40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro (both 18-125mm), but with wider overall angles.


Earlier rumors had the base P50 shipping with primary, ultra-wide and telephoto rear camera units. The Pro would swap the telephoto lens for a 5X periscope camera, while the Pro Plus would include both telephoto and periscope shooters. It could be Huawei’s first flagship phone to ship with Harmony OS instead of Android.


It’s still not certain when the P50 and its massive camera module would be available. Huawei unveiled the P40 series in March 2020, but it clearly isn’t rushing the sequel when there hasn’t even been a teaser for the new model. Worldwide chip shortages haven’t helped the company’s plans, either. While the renders suggest the P50 is coming relatively soon, it wouldn’t be surprising if Huawei waited a while longer to launch its star smartphone.



Source: Huawei P50 renders show details of its over-the-top camera module

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