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Oppo apparently ‘considering’ four years of Android updates as Vivo commits to three


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Oppo apparently ‘considering’ four years of Android updates as Vivo commits to three




Long-term Android updates have become a competition for most Android manufacturers nowadays with Samsung of all things leading the charge. To keep up, Vivo and Oppo are both expanding their Android update policies.


Vivo announced today that it would commit to three years of Android updates. This isn’t a sweeping policy, though, but rather only applies to the flagship “X” series. The policy kicks in on devices launching after July of 2021 and covers the European, Australian, and Indian markets. Vivo says that devices that aren’t eligible for this expanded update promise will still get “regular” Android security updates.


vivo today announced that it is expanding its software support for the flagship X series, committing to provide three years of major Android OS upgrades and security updates for selected models launching after July 2021. vivo aims to extend the high-end smartphone experience offered by the X series devices by ensuring continuous improvements based on evolving consumer trends and exciting new software innovations.


Alongside that, Oppo has also apparently expanded its update promise. While it wasn’t announced in a press release like Vivo, the company apparently spoke to Android Planet and confirmed that the Find X3 series has been expanded from two to three years of monthly security updates. The full statement isn’t shared, but Android Planet claims that Oppo said it was “considering” expanding that policy to a fourth year of updates with research underway. We should all take this with a grain of salt given Oppo hasn’t confirmed the news through its own channels, but if true it’s great news for Find X3 series owners and another good selling point for the Find X3 Pro we really enjoyed.


Now if only OnePlus had a coherent update promise.



Source: Oppo apparently ‘considering’ four years of Android updates as Vivo commits to three

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