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[Expired] World of Tanks Blitz - Space Pack [DLC][STEAM]


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NOTE: The base game is FREE TO PLAY


This bundle includes:

  • Fully-equipped D.W. 2 German Tier IV Collector heavy tank with a Garage slot
  • Certificate for the Invader Epic animated camouflage for Tier IV–VI vehicles
  • 250,000 credits
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • 10 Rare Gold boosters
  • 25 Epic Crew XP boosters
  • 25 Epic Credit boosters
  • 25 Epic Free XP boosters
  • 25 Epic Combat XP boosters
  • 5 certificates for x5 XP
  • Night Hunter Epic avatar


The Durchbruchswagen 2 heavy tank is a formidable vehicle with a penetrating gun that's as powerful as a meteor strike. The D.W. 2's first-class weapon will destroy enemies quickly and dramatically, while its solid amount of HP will give the vehicle a great chance to withstand fire.

Together with the tank, you'll get a certificate for the Invader Epic animated camouflage, the Night Hunter avatar, and a solid supply of resources. The Premium Account time, credits, boosters, and certificates for x5 XP will help your progress along the Tech Tree jump into hyperspace!


Note: if you already have the vehicle in your Garage, you will not receive compensation. The bundle can be purchased only once.


GET IT HERE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1579090/World_of_Tanks_Blitz__Space_Pack/


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The giveaway has expired and no longer available to participate.
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