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Steam refuses to sell "pickup artist" FMV game Super Seducer 3

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Steam refuses to sell "pickup artist" FMV game Super Seducer 3

Sexiness is fine, but not in FMV form




WTF?! There are plenty of "adults only" games on Steam that include sexual content. Valve doesn't have a problem with this sort of thing, but it does object when said content is full-motion video of real people. It's why Super Seducer 3, an FMV-based pickup artist game, won't be coming to the platform.


PC Gamer reports that Super Seducer 3 is the third entry in a series that lets players learn "state-of-the-art seduction techniques." The FMV title involves using multiple-choice dialogue to help Richard La Ruina, a self-styled "dating guru," be successful on dates.


Super Seducer 3 was due to launch on February 15, but Valve delayed the release as it continued its review. A demo arrived as part of the Steam Game Festival of 2021 last month, lasting only an hour before Valve took it offline.



An unwise choice; she's obviously a Dead or Alive fan


Sadly for those looking forward to learning "tried and true attraction 'hacks,'" Super Seducer 3 has been removed from the store because it "does not ship sexually explicit images of real people."


La Ruina, who is also one of the game's developers, posted Valve's reasoning on his Twitter account. "We have finished reviewing your latest build and we aren't going to be able to ship Super Seducer 3 on Steam," it writes.


Steam have BANNED and removed Super Seducer 3 from the store. They will not allow it to be released in any form.


Our page is gone and 61,700 wish lists are gone.


Prior to this they told me expect either “approval or feedback”.
We repeatedly said we’d do whatever they needed pic.twitter.com/hVuDcvzL2n


— Richard La Ruina (@RichardGambler) March 20, 2021


"After multiple product resubmissions and product reviews, we feel we are at an impasse and therefore this decision is final. We do not have any additional feedback or details to share beyond what we have provided in previous conversations."


In his response, La Ruina said he is willing to "take a butcher knife" to the game to make it as "safe" as other FMV titles on the store. He also notes that the Super Seducer 3 has been added to over 61,000 people's wish lists during the last 2 and a half years.


Valve responded to his pleas with a fairly terse: "Hey Richard, we are not going to sell the game or re-review it."



Some of the everyday scenarios in Super Seducer 2


Strangely, the first Super Seducer and its sequel—both FMV games—remain available on Steam. Maybe there's less sexiness in these? One commentator does suggest that the third game is more "extreme" than the prequels.


La Ruina has faced this sort of problem in the past. He tweeted in February that both Epic and GOG said "no" to selling Super Seducer 3, while the first game had its PlayStation release pulled in 2018.



Source: Steam refuses to sell "pickup artist" FMV game Super Seducer 3


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