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Windows 10 build 21337 is out with a bunch of new features

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Windows 10 build 21337 is out with a bunch of new features




Right on schedule, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build today, and there's actually quite a bit that's new this time, unlike most builds.


For one thing, you can now customize and organize your virtual desktops. You can drag and drop them in Task View, or you can right-click on one and choose to move it left or right. You can also change the wallpaper on a virtual desktop now.




Another new item is Auto HDR, which is in preview, and it's for gaming PCs. When you turn it on, you'll automatically get HDR visuals when playing any of over a thousand DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games.


File Explorer is getting some changes, including a new compact mode. This brings you back to the "classic layout" of File Explorer. Just go to the View tab in the ribbon to find it.




Next up is Captions settings, which Microsoft only said are getting updated. There are also some changes to inbox apps; Notepad is now going to be updated via the Microsoft Store, Windows Terminal is now an inbox app, and Power Automate Desktop is now an inbox app, meaning that those latter two apps are going to be bundled with Windows 10 from now on.


And that's about it. To install the build, you can grab it through Windows Update. If you're not on the Dev channel yet, you can go to the Windows Insider Program tab in Settings to get started.



Source: Windows 10 build 21337 is out with a bunch of new features

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@aum   Topic Merged.  Similar

Windows 10 build 21337 is out with a bunch of new features     Right on schedule, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build today, and there's actually quite a bit

Here's what's fixed, improved, and still broken in Windows 10 build 21337




Microsoft has released its weekly build of Windows 10 for Insiders in the Dev channel, bringing the build number up to 21337. After last week's build 21332 focused more so on removing features rather than adding them, this build actually includes a bunch of news, such as Windows Terminal and Power Automate Desktop now being included as system apps.


It wouldn't be an Insider build without accompanying lists of minor improvements, fixes, and known issues, though, and there's a bit to go over with this release. Starting with the miscellaneous improvements in build 21337, there are updates to emoji panel and the updated IME for Asian languages should now be available for everyone:

  • We are now rolling out the new IME candidate window design to all Windows Insiders I the Dev Channel using Japanese, Chinese Traditional, and Indic IMEs. We’ll let you know once the rollout for the remaining IMEs increases.
  • We’re updating the emoji panel (WIN + Period) to support searching in more languages, including Amharic, Belarus, Cherokee, Filipino, Faroese, Icelandic, Khmer, Mongolian (Cyrillic script), Burmese, Sindhi, Serbian (Cyrillic script), Serbian (Latin script), Swahili, Thai, Turkmen, Tonga, Uzbek (Latin script), and Cantonese (Traditional). Please continue sharing feedback about the emoji search results in the Feedback Hub under Input and Language > Emoji Panel.
  • Live previews for websites pinned to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge are now rolling out for all Insiders.

There's also a decently long list of fixes in this build, which might help make it more usable. Here's the full list:

  • We fixed a DWM memory leak impacting Insiders in recent flights.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in errors for some Insiders when trying to launch Settings via URI, including when using the Display Settings and Personalization options when right clicking the desktop.
  • We fixed an issue where if you click on the Advanced Options page under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update would crash Settings in the previous flight.
  • We fixed a set of issues causing crashes in many x64 apps on ARM64, particularly in scenarios involving video or DRM content. Examples of x64 apps no longer crashing include Microsoft Translator, BlueJeans, The CW, Alexa, Astroneer, and Epic Games Launcher.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in the Windows Security icon in the taskbar saying an action was needed, but the app had no actions to take.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in the Windows Security icon in the taskbar being unresponsive.
  • We fixed an issue in recent flights that could result in some games freezing after locking and unlocking your PC while the game was in full screen mode. This issue may also have resulted in freezes after ALT + Tab.
  • We fixed an issue in recent flights resulting in flickering when hovering over icons and buttons in certain apps.
  • We fixed an issue in recent flights for some Insiders with domain joined devices where their credentials for apps and websites would unexpectedly be lost on upgrade.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders noticing that System File Checker (SFC) tool would erroneously saying it found corrupt files the first time it was run after each upgrade.
  • We fixed an issue causing certain UPS to show up in Device Manager with error code 43.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in werfault.exe crashes.
  • We fixed an issue in recent builds resulting in some insiders not being able to resume their devices from sleep or experiencing a bug check with the error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders unexpectedly seeing a Bitlocker recovery screen after upgrading to recent Dev Channel builds.
  • We fixed a ctfmon.exe crash impacting the reliability of voice typing (WIN + H).
  • We fixed a ctfmon.exe crash that could occur if you switched to a Microsoft IME while in a 3rd party IME reconversion session.
  • We fixed an issue in recent builds that could result in Search not opening after clicking the search box in the taskbar.

With that being said, there are still quite a few known issues in this build, so you may want to check them out before checking for updates:

  • We’re looking into reports of the update process hanging for extended periods of time when attempting to install a new build.
  • We’re working on enabling the new taskbar experience for existing pinned sites. In the meantime, you can unpin the site from the taskbar, remove it from the edge://apps page, and then re-pin the site.
  • [News and interests] We’re addressing an issue where news and interests may not be available when signing into Windows without internet access but returns when online.
  • [News and interests] Sometimes the news and interests flyout cannot be dismissed with pen.
  • [ARM64] Insiders who installed the preview version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver on the Surface Pro X may experience reduced brightness of the display. This issue is fixed with an updated version of the preview graphics driver at https://aka.ms/x64previewdriverprox. If you are experiencing this issue, please see the feedback collection for more information.
  • We’re working on a fix for an issue where some devices with Realtek network adapters running driver version may experience intermittent loss of network connectivity.
  • We are working on the fix for an issue where on some high-refresh-rate monitors, games will only run at 60Hz. Variable-refresh-rate monitor scenarios may also result in tearing.
  • The network flyout on the login screen doesn’t open on this build, which will prevent you from connecting to a new network before logging in. If your account is in a state that requires internet to log in, you can work around the issue by plugging in Ethernet, getting the device in range of a previously configured Wi-Fi network, or logging in with any other available account first.
  • We are working on the fix for an issue Insiders reported in the previous flight where devices with certain NVMe drives may experience disk resets or WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR bugchecks. If you were impacted by this on Build 21332, you may want to pause updates.
  • We’re investigating reports of an issue with some devices receiving DPC_WATCHDOG_ERROR bugchecks. If you were impacted by this on Build 21332, you may want to pause updates.

As a reminder, these builds are part of an active development branch, and according to the Insider program restructuring that happened last summer, these builds aren't tied to a specific Windows 10 update that will roll out to the general public. The next truly major update will be released in the second half of the year, and it's expected to include a significant overhaul of the Windows 10 UI - though we've yet to see much of it.



Source: Here's what's fixed, improved, and still broken in Windows 10 build 21337

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Hands-on with Windows 10 build 21337, now in the Dev channel




Today, Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 to Insiders in the Dev channel, with build number 21337. It's one of the few builds so far that actually packs a lot of changes, including improvements to virtual desktop management, new built-in apps, and Auto HDR in preview.


Additionally, this build also includes a bunch of fixes and smaller improvements, just as every other build does. You can see a list of them here.


Because there's a lot that's new, we have taken some time to go over all the changes in this build in the video below. The video also includes a look at other changes made in this development cycle, since it's been some time since we last did a video on Insider builds like this.


Unfortunately, we couldn't cover the Auto HDR feature, but you can learn more about in this blog post from Microsoft. There's also the News and Interests feature which isn't available to everyone just yet, but you can get an idea of what that looks like in this announcement. Without further ado, here's our hands-on video:




Source: Hands-on with Windows 10 build 21337, now in the Dev channel

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I have a weather app down with the clock in last build but seems its gone now, but fast installed and otherwise running smooth.

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Terminal and Power Automate elevated to inbox status, Auto HDR for gamers


Microsoft has thrown its long-suffering unpaid testers a bone in the form of a fresh Windows 10 insider build with tweaks to Virtual Desktops, a preview of Auto HDR and changes to what comes in the box.


Most notable in the Dev Channel build 21337 is yet more prodding of the veteran Notepad app, a stalwart from the early days of Windows. Rather than focus on, oh, maybe fixing the fix it sent out to fix the fix that broke printing, the Windows giant has instead given Notepad a fresh fluent icon and added it to the otherwise moribund Microsoft Store.


The app will remain a part of Windows for the time being, but its presence in the Store will make it easier for the company to further fiddle with the poor thing.


Also currently in the Store and now to feature as part of the inbox experience is Windows Terminal, which is a considerable improvement over the shells and command line tools of old. Power Automate Desktop has also put in an appearance, making good on Microsoft's promise to make the automation tool available for free.


As well as a tinkering with the layout of File Explorer, Microsoft also added some additional control and customisation options to the Windows 10 Virtual Desktop functionality and a preview of Auto HDR. The latter is aimed squarely at gamers and requires a HDR-capable PC to up the visual quality on more than a thousand DirectX 11 and 12 games.


Blessedly missing this time around for many was the News and Interests "experience" forced upon users. The function is Microsoft's latest in a long line of attempts to catch the user's eye with tempting weather forecasts or alluring headlines and, in the previous Dev Channel build, the company announced that it had "landed on what we believe to be the best experience for customers" and was, er, resetting the rollout.


"Don't worry," it said brightly, "we hope to make news and interests available to everyone in the Dev Channel soon!"


We can't wait. Maybe they can fix our printer too. ®



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