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(Guide/Review) Get more control over how links open in Firefox with Right Links WE

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Get more control over how links open in Firefox with Right Links WE


Right Links WE is a browser extension for Mozilla's Firefox web browser that gives users more control over the browser's link opening behavior. The extension is a WebExtensions port of Right Links, a classic add-on for Firefox that offered some features that the developer could not port because of missing WebExtensions capabilities.


Features that are not supported currently include the handling of clicks on bookmarks and history items, simulation of link clicks on JavaScript links, and more.


Desktop users who use web browsers have multiple options when it comes to the opening of links. They may left-click on links, hold down keys like Shift or STRG while doing so, right-click and use the context menu, use touch, or even the keyboard.




Users who want more control over when and how links are opened, may install Right Links WE in Firefox. Installation is straightforward, and an icon is added to the Firefox toolbar when the installation completes successfully.


Two new link opening options are enabled automatically when the extension is installed and enabled:

  • Long left-click to open the link in a new tab and to switch to that tab.
  • Right-click to open the link in the background.


The options include several settings  to customize the default behavior. It is possible to disable one or both link clicking options, or to modify them in the following ways:

  • Set whether links should be opened in the background.
  • Set whether the content of the link should be loaded right away, or only after the tab is selected.
  • Set whether the resource is loaded in a new tab, new window, or current tab.
  • Set the long left-click timeout.
  • Set the right-click context menu timeout.
  • Disable left-click or right-click functionality for select sites individually, using regular expressions.


Right Links WE handles clicks on images, including canvas images, as well by default. The functionality can be disabled permanently, or a size limit can be set.


The entire functionality may be disabled with a tap on the F2 key or with a left-click on the extension icon in the Firefox toolbar.

Closing Words

Right Links WE gives Firefox users more options when it comes to opening links in the browser, e.g. by loading links directly in the background on click, or not loading them.




Source: Get more control over how links open in Firefox with Right Links WE

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