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Almost all of LG’s Android 11 updates aren’t coming until the end of 2021


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Almost all of LG’s Android 11 updates aren’t coming until the end of 2021

At least, according to the company’s German website



Photo by Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge


LG’s German website has revealed its Android 11 update roadmap — at least for Europe — and the news isn’t too encouraging. With the exception of the LG Velvet 5G, most of the company’s phones won’t get Android 11 until the back half of 2021, with the vast majority of devices not seeing the update until at least Q4 2021 (long after Android 12 should be available, if Google’s release schedule is similar this year).

It’s worth noting that the released schedule is only from LG’s German site. It’s possible that time frames will be different in other regions, that LG could add more devices over time, or that the updates will simply take less time to develop than the company expects.




The slow update speed isn’t entirely surprisingly, though. LG’s phone business has been struggling for years, prompting reports that the company is considering exiting the smartphone space entirely this year, although the company told The Verge in January that nothing has been finalized yet.


LG has also denied rumors that its next major smartphone, the LG Rollable, has been canceled, although there’s still no firm release date for that device either outside of a vague 2021 window.



Source: Almost all of LG’s Android 11 updates aren’t coming until the end of 2021

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It has been like this with LG since the beginning of time , poor android OS updates...

Not the phone you'd choose if you want speedy updates

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Meanwhile waiting for Korea's side as well, normally the updates are rolled out more faster there. I do have unlocked Korean set of LG G7 tho, waiting if there's a glimpse of hope for phones from 2018 getting the update.

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