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Stardock introduces Tiles 2 with high DPI monitor support


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Stardock introduces Tiles 2 with high DPI monitor support  

Tiles 2 sidebar with Start Menu open showing Start10

Today, Stardock is introducing Tiles 2, the latest iteration of its virtual desktop solution. The app lets you make various desktops of related apps and such. For example, you can have one for work, one for school, one for play, and so on. And there's quite a bit that's new in Tiles 2.


A big focus here is support for high DPI monitors, and as CEO Brad Wardell pointed out, it's about keeping up with the times. "It's important that we keep our apps up to date with changes in technology," said Wardell. "One of the things the new Tiles focuses on is high DPI support for modern monitors and general performance increases across the board in order to use less PC resources."

Tiles 2 shown with other Object Desktop apps

Another big improvement in this version is integration with other apps in the Object Desktop suite, assuming that you use those too. It has Groupy integration, so you'll see your groups in your tiles, and it has light and dark mode support, integrating with Curtains and supporting your custom theme.


Here's the full list of features:

  • NEW! Light/Dark Mode Support and integration with Stardock's Curtains
  • NEW! Full Groupy integration - see your groups in your Tiles pages
  • NEW! Show only minimized or maximized windows
  • NEW! High DPI monitor support
  • Quickly switch between active and inactive tasks
  • Create custom pages to suit your computing styl
  • Swiftly move from one application to the next
  • Quickly view and manage running applications
  • Touch-ready for Windows tablet users

Tiles 2 is available as part of the Object Desktop suite of apps, which is currently available for $29.99, or you can get it on its own for $9.99.


Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock

Gallery: Tiles 2




Stardock introduces Tiles 2 with high DPI monitor support

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