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New Edge Canary build brings new UI for downloads

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New Edge Canary build brings new UI for downloads



Microsoft is readying a new UI for downloads in the Chromium-based Edge browser, and if you're an Edge Insider in the Canary channel, you can test it right now. With the latest version of the browser, you'll notice that new downloads no longer show up in a download bar at the bottom of the browser window.


Instead, they'll now show up in a small pop-up just below the toolbar, which shows all the ongoing and most recent downloads. You can also choose to see more downloads to see your download history without going to a new tab. The pop-up window also includes the ability to search in your downloads or open your downloads folder in File Explorer.



The new UI is in line with the redesigned experiences of the Favorites and History sections that Microsoft has brought out in the past couple of months. Just like with those, you can pin the entire download history to the side of the browser window so they're always accessible, or you can pin an icon to the toolbar so the list is only visible when you need it.


We noticed the change on build 90.0.784.0 of Edge, which is only available in the Canary channel right now, though based on our testing on multiple machines, it doesn't seem t be available for everyone. It shouldn't take long for it to come to the Dev channel, but those running Beta or stable builds will likely have to wait a while longer. If you want to know about other features coming to Edge, Microsoft recently published a new roadmap for the browser.



New Edge Canary build brings new UI for downloads

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Microsoft Edge is getting a new download manager




Downloading files using Google Chrome or Edge’s download manager has always been a fairly simple experience, and even today slow servers can make downloading big files a real pain. Fortunately, Microsoft appears to be working on a new download manager for Chromium Edge, which could be released later this year.


In an upcoming version of Microsoft Edge, a new menu will appear in the toolbar when you download files. This will allow you to manage your downloads from the toolbar, so you can easily monitor the overall download progress.


The menu will disappear automatically and you’ll be able to view your downloads from the downloads page.


You can simply click on the downloads button and you can always hover over or right-click on files to access options, such as ‘pause’, ‘restart’, or ‘cancel’. As you can see in the below screenshot, you can click on ‘See more’ button to open the downloads page and manage your past downloads.




In addition to the downloads manager, Microsoft also appears to be working on new toolbar experience for Collections, History and Favorites.

Other improvements coming to Microsoft Edge

In another Chromium commit, Microsoft noted that it’s planning to enable D3D11 with MediaFoundation for Video Capture on Windows.


The VideoCaptureDeviceFactoryWin implementation has also been wired up to read the feature flag state and this will allow the browser to leverage D3D11 for video capture.


Likewise, Microsoft says that it has been working on improvements for the inking experience when using Edge browser. This will allow you to make better use of a stylus on PDFs and other areas.


There are plans to address a bug where the inking on PDF documents feels jittery and is not smooth enough. For tablet users, Edge will be getting a new UI element that will show up on PDFs and web captures when your device supports touch.



Source: Microsoft Edge is getting a new download manager

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