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Microsoft publishes a more detailed roadmap for its Edge browser

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Microsoft publishes a more detailed roadmap for its Edge browser  



Microsoft has always been pretty transparent about the direction that it's taking with its Edge browser, at least compared to the Windows team. The Edge team has kept an enterprise roadmap up to date for some time, and last summer, it published a release schedule for beta and stable releases.


Now, it's taking things a step further by means of a revamped 'What's Next' section on the Edge Insider website, the company announced today. There's now going to be a roadmap published there, but it should be more complete than the existing enterprise-focused one. Microsoft describes it as "in the same vein as the enterprise roadmap, but including almost all the upcoming features for Microsoft Edge."


The team plans to update this roadmap with every Edge Beta release, so we should see new updates every six weeks or so. And if you're wondering when those Beta releases are set to take place, you can find the release schedule here.


If you compare the two roadmaps, there's quite a bit more on this new one; in fact, it lists new features going all the way up to Edge 91 (Edge 88 just shipped for Stable). If you want to check out the new Microsoft Edge roadmap on the What's Next page, you can find it here.



Microsoft publishes a more detailed roadmap for its Edge browser

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Want to know what is coming up for Microsoft Edge? A roadmap has you covered


Microsoft Edge's Feature Roadmap provides users of the browser, developers, and Enterprise administrators, with information on upcoming features.


Microsoft notes that the roadmap "provides estimated release dates and descriptions for upcoming browser features".


The page is updated regularly by Microsoft and includes features, descriptions, the status, and the estimate arrival in Microsoft Edge Stable.




A feature's status reveals the Edge version it is included in currently. Launched indicates availability in the Stable version of Edge, Rolling Out that it is in Beta, and In Development that it is in Edge Dev, Canary or even not included in a public version of the browser at the time.


The roadmap gives you a 3-4 months glimpse at features that will make it into the Edge web browser in that time period. There is a chance that the integration gets delayed though.


The Edge feature roadmap lists the stable version of Edge that is getting the feature and the release month. A tap on a feature displays a description of it as well as tags and when it has been added.


The page features a search and filters to display features based on their status, tags or dates. An option to sort features by version or month is missing at the time, and would be a useful addition to the site as the current listing is not sorted by Edge version, date, or even feature name.


The list has resemblance to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise roadmap, which includes Microsoft Edge and other Microsoft 365 application features.

Closing Words

A roadmap provides a glimpse of things to come, and users, admins and developers may find the Edge roadmap useful in this regard as well as it highlights upcoming features. Microsoft could improve the usability of the site by adding options to order the feature list using different sort options such as by version number or date.


All in all, it is quite handy, provided that Microsoft continues to add upcoming features to it.



Source: Want to know what is coming up for Microsoft Edge? A roadmap has you covered

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