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Google Cloud boosts security with general availability of zero-trust BeyondCorp Enterprise

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Google Cloud boosts security with general availability of zero-trust BeyondCorp Enterprise




With enterprises rapidly reconfiguring their workforces and IT systems, new complexity is being introduced that risks expanding security vulnerabilities. Throw into the mix the growing resources being devoted to cyberattacks, and the global pandemic has created conditions that are ripe for hackers to exploit.


To counter that, over the past year Google has been releasing BeyondCorp, a version of its internal security that it developed over more than a decade. Now, Google is announcing the general availability of BeyondCorp Enterprise, a full suite of tools that basically matches the company’s own defenses.

“BeyondCorp Enterprise brings this modern, proven technology to organizations so they can get started on their own zero-trust journey,” Google Cloud Security vice president and general manager Sunil Potti said in a conference call with reporters. “Living and breathing zero-trust for this long, we know that organizations need a solution that will not only improve their security posture but also deliver a simple experience for users and administrators.”


Last spring, Google released BeyondCorp Remote Access, a product designed to eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming setups of virtual private networks for employees working in remote offices or at home. Rather than using a VPN, BeyondCorp created a central database of all authorized devices and then distributed a matching security certificate for those devices. The centralized system meant there was no need to install and configure the software.


Then a few months later, Google announced an alliance to support the use of the zero-trust standard that is the core of BeyondCorp. Flash forward, and Google says it has now expanded the tools available through BeyondCorp and so it is retiring the “Remote Access” part of the name in favor of “Enterprise.”


Among the new capabilities, the Enterprise version will offer DDoS protection for a company’s entire attack surface, a verification platform for supply chains, improved protection against phishing attempts, end-to-end security between users and applications, automated management of SSL certificates, and additional features that can be added via partners such as Crowdstrike and Tanium.


Google also said support for this enterprise security suite would be built directly in Google Chrome browsers. That includes the security agents being placed in the browser and embedded threat protection to detect malware.



Source: Google Cloud boosts security with general availability of zero-trust BeyondCorp Enterprise

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