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Uranium Backup 9.6.5 Build 7175

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Uranium Backup 9.6.5 Build 7175



Uranium Backup is powerful but its interface keeps the things simple. You can schedule a backup in no time. A reporting system will alert you in case of failure. Everything is under your control.


Why Uranium
Thousands of users across the world chose Uranium Backup as their data protection solution. Discover the advantages:

Time-proved reliability
Uranium is built on the top of a rock-solid architecture and our expertise comes from many years of testing.
International quality
Uranium Backup is distributed in over 100 countries and translated in 13 languages.
Full-featured solution
Uranium Backup can perform backups of files and folders, disk images, databases and virtual machines on many different types of storage peripherals like NAS and tapes.
Simple licensing policy
Uranium Backup.s licenses have lifetime value and allow a single installation of the program on a physical or virtual machine. Technical support is included.




Uranium Backup 9.6.5 – 01/26/2021


  • Improved log management
  • Introduced compatibility to ESXi on machines with hardware version 17 and 18
  • Introduced compatibility with VDDK 7.0.1


  • Fixed issues with backups of VMs



Homepage: https://www.uranium-backup.com/

Changelog: https://www.uranium-backup.com/changelog/


Download: https://www.nanosystems.it/public/download/UraniumBackup9setup.exe



MedZ - [ by FFF ] - 133 KB


Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/12809611/MedZ_Uranium_FFF.zip.html

password = nsane


Site: https://www.solidfiles.com
Sharecode: /v/4yMmkMzYz638M

password = nsane


Site: https://mega.nz
Sharecode: /file/BvYjBQqI#ZF1gL7MGMBJ4KzoxDYuhcHs0tzz364N-g51dwA4PH7c

password = nsane


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