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[Expired] [ 24 January 2021 ] 35 - new free udemy courses for limited time

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1 -   Hidden Secrets Of Selling - Part 1
Hidden Secrets Of The World’s BEST Salespeople & Marketers




2 -  Hidden Secrets Of Selling - Part 2
Hidden Secrets Of The World’s BEST Salespeople & Marketers




3 -     Hidden Secrets Of Selling - Part 3
Hidden Secrets Of The World’s BEST Salespeople & Marketers




4 -   Hidden Secrets Of Selling - Part 4
Hidden Secrets Of The World’s BEST Salespeople & Marketers




5 -   Easy learning C++ for beginners




6 -   Wordpress For Beginners
Wordpress : Create a Kickass Wordpress site in two hours !




7 -   Cryptocurrency Course: Learn to Make Money Online WORLDWIDE!
Learn a Step-By-Step Strategy for Making Money with Cryptocurrencies!




8 -   Java for Beginners - Learn all the Basics of Java
Learn Java programming with various java projects- Understand key Java elements and be able to create basic java apps




9 -  Shopify Bootcamp: Increase Your Sales and Conversion rate
Shopify for beginners: Boost your conversion rate/sales with shopify. No shopify experience or shopify knowledge needed




10 -  Guided Mindfulness Meditation | Stress Management Mastery
Learn How To Master Your Personal Stress Management With The Help Of Professional Guided Mindfulness Meditations!




11 -   Stress Management - For Relief From Stress of Life & Work
BEST Stress Management Course! Feel Better TODAY - Beat Stress and Anxiety Fast! Get Your Serenity Back.




12 -   Transformational Leadership - Leadership Course & Training
Leadership Skills - Discover The Hidden Secrets Of The World's BEST Leaders




13 -   Secrets Of Psychology - Why People Do The Things They Do
The Ultimate Guide To Your Mind & Personal Success!




14 -   Coping Skills: For A Better Life!
The Ultimate Training On Coping Skills, Tools & Techniques! Beat Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Anger




15 -   Effective Time Management Skills - Time Management Skills
Effective Time Management Skills - Taking Complete Control of Your Time and Your Life




16 -   Winning With Communication - Master Communication Skills
Communication Training Course - Develop True Communication Mastery!




17 -   Learn 24 Ways to Make Money Online with Your Smartphone!
Learn PROVEN Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone. Even 1 Strategy Will Pay Your Course Price Back!




18 -   Artificial Intelligence Audio Book Creation (2021 Edition)
Transform Text to Audio Books in Minutes with the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) extremely quick and easy in 2021




19 -   Mobile Device Management Certification (2021 Edition)
Learn to Secure, Control and Manage Mobile Devices in Your Enterprise in 2021




20 -  Super-Fast Web Design using Weebly (2021 Edition)
Create a wow-inspiring website using Weebly in 2021




21 - RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation 2021 - Part 5
Automate Fiction Writing with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in 2021




22 -   eBook Marketing Certification for Authors (2021 Edition)
Learn brand new and innovative ways to market your eBook in 2021




23 -   Artificial Intelligence in SEO (2021 Extreme Edition)
Learn Incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools To Increase Your Website Traffic By 500% in 2021




24 -   Viral Marketing Certification Masterclass (2021 Edition)
Tap In To Your True Target Audience Instantly with the power of Viral Marketing in 2021




25 -   Artificial Intelligence Photo Colorisation Tools (2021)
The Ultimate Graphic Design Photo Editing and Colorization Course Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2021




26 -   Digishock 1.0 Basics: Technology Expert Certification
Experience World-Changing Technologies at your Fingertips in 2021




27 -   Digishock 2.0: Learn Machine Learning in 2021 (No Coding)
The ultimate machine learning course of 2020 taught without coding




28 -   Azure Cloud Computing For Busy .Net Developers - Foundation
Moving your ASP.Net web app To Microsoft Azure Cloud.




29 -  LONG COVID 19 - Banish Fatigue and Brain Fog Naturally
Easy to follow food and supplement plan which tackles your symptoms POST COVID 19 and puts you on the course to recovery




30 -   How to create stunning marketing video Using free,paid tools
learn about Target Audience,Optimal Video Length, write Script Like a Pro, structure,Voice Over (Powerpoint updated)




31 -  Instagram Growth Hacks 2021: How To Grow Exponentially On IG
Generate Engagement, Automate Your Instagram, Reach The Explore Page & Exploit The Algorithm To Win!




32 -   Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong with Tai Chi for Relaxation
Six Controlled Breath Exercise Qi Gong Using Sound Echo Vibration Giving Internal Organs Gentle Massage, No Elsewhere!




33 -  Git and GitHub For Beginners
Learn Git and Github From Scratch




34 -   Introduction to Modern OpenGL: A tale of two shaders
Learn to code modern OpenGL while understanding the concept and theory behind it all step by step




35 -  Basics of Proofreading
A proofreader ensures content is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, & other such errors.




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20 hours ago, leduvir said:

thanks bro! I've been signing to a lots of courses thanks to you. wish you the best sir!

" Please only use the appreciations button instead of posting any type of thank's ! "





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