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[Expired] [ 21 January 2021 ] 38 - new free udemy courses for limited time

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1 -   The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training
Learn, Practice, Master, Think like Python Professionals & Be A Certified Python Super Hero in short time!




2 -  Python-3 Boot Camp in GUI automation for absolute beginners
Learn to Automate your keyboard,mouse and experiment it,draw impossible drawings using python,Send Gmails using python




3 -   PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
Learn about Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, the AI Builder and the Dataverse (CDM) - for Microsoft's PL-900 exam.




4 -    The Complete Animal Reiki Course - Shower Your Pet With Love
Animal Reiki - Give Your Pets the Loving Care They Deserve - Pet Care - Pet Training - Reiki for Animals




5 -   Workplace Communication: Effectively Deliver Criticism
Constructive feedback can be the key to positive growth for your colleagues and workplace culture




6 -    Communication Skills: Use a Teleprompter Effectively
Communication Skills to Look like a natural pro using a Teleprompter. You won't have to look or sound like a robot




7 -   Public Speaking: Give a Great Retirement Speech!
Public Speaking: Why not make your last business speech your best one ever?




8 -   Presentation Skills: Give a Great Acceptance Speech
Presentation Skills: Give genuine thanks and be entertaining in the process Don't bore people.




9 -  The Complete Creativity Course: Unleash Your Innovation Now!
Turn Your Creative Energies On Daily. You Are the Source of Innovation, Creative Writing and New Ideas




10 -  The Complete Self-Discipline Course - Control Your Own Life
Learn Self-Discipline by Mastering all the Best Habits of Strong Motivation, Willpower and Personal Development




11 -   The Complete Sales Skills Master Class - Sales Marketing B2B
Master Sales Skills, Marketing Strategy, B2B Sales, Business Development, Lead Generation Using Top Social Skills




12 -  Public Speaking for Parents - Teach Your Kids to Present 1Hr
You can help your child become an excellent speaker and build confidence for Every communications opportunity in Life!




13 -   The Complete Happiness Course: Become Happier Now!
Happiness Can Be Yours! Learn Happiness Habits to Build Your Personal Success and Enhance Personal Development Today




14 -   Microsoft Excel - Learn MS EXCEL For DATA Analysis
Excel: learn how Excel can be used for data analysis by creating excel project-excel app-other excel tools




15 -   Complete Machine Learning with R Studio - ML for 2021
Linear & Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, XGBoost, SVM & other ML models in R programming language - R studio




16 -   Image Recognition for Beginners using CNN in R Studio
Deep Learning based Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for Image recognition using Keras and Tensorflow in R Studio




17 -   Tools for Working From Home - Google Apps, Trello & Zoom
Free tools - Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Trello & Zoom to maximize productivity while working remotely #WorkFromHome




18 -  How to Make Money Online for Beginners: Follow PROVEN STEPS!
Learn How to Make Money Online Starting without ANY Prior Experience!




19 -   Beginner's Guide to Herbal Medicine
Heal Yourself with the Help of Nature




20 -   Learn 4 STEPS to Make Money Online by Blogging!
Learn SIMPLE Steps That Made Me a LIFE-CHANGING Income by Blogging!




21 - Time Management And Goal Planning: The Productivity Combo
The ultimate guide to time management hacks to effectively set and achieve your goals by empowering productive habits




22 -   Introduction to Differentiation (Differential Calculus)
A great way to start learning Calculus through video lectures and quizzes.




23 -    Instagram Marketing 2021: How To Grow Exponentially On IG?
A Complete Begineer To Advance Guide




24 -   Hands on Python3 Regular Expressions for Absolute Beginners
Improve Freelancing Carer By learning Phone scraping,Email scraping and pattern matching and earn in 6 figures-by-python




25 -    Design The Ultimate Upwork Profile 4 Successful Freelancers
How To Effectively Create & Get Your Upwork Profile Approved On The First Try




26 -   Digital Electronics Made Easy - Boolean Algebra till FSMs
Digital Electronics and Circuits Design




27 -   Complete Greek Course: Learn Greek for Beginners Level 1
Learn Greek FAST with this non-stop Greek speaking course for BEGINNERS: learning Greek will be easy and fun!




28 -   New SAT Math Practice Test Explain
A guide through all the SAT maths test, tips to prevent from making mistakes and do it fast




29 -  IT Networking Fundamentals with Lab Practicals
Learn Directly from an Engineer.




30 -  The Python Programming Comprehensive Bootcamp
Become A Certified Python Developer, Learn and Practice Python Programming 3.9 and Boost your Dev career in short time!




31 -  Options Trading MasterClass: Options Trading In Simple Terms
Options Tradings: Options Trading Explained In Simple Terms + Strategies - The Greeks & Weekly Trading Recommendations




32 -   Managerial Accounting / Cost Accounting
Managerial and cost accounting comprehensive course taught bay a practicing Certified Public Accountant (CPA)




33 -    QuickBooks Desktop Pro -Personal Bookkeeping-Accounting
QuickBooks for personal bookkeeping, finance, and accounting. Enter personal financial data, financial Statements




34 -  Bank Reconciliations & Cash Internal Controls
Internal controls, bank reconciliations, and internal controls related to checking account




35 -   Receivables & The Allowance vs The Direct Write Off Methods
Accounts receivable valuation, allowance method, direct write off method, valuation of notes receivable, internist calc




36 -  Learn To Code Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D
A comprehensive and easy to learn guide to crate a trading card game battle system with Unity 3D.




37 -  Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits
How to Start Your Real Estate Investing Business the Right Way! Follow Jay Conner's Proven Systems and Success Formulas




38 -  Digital Nomad: How to find Freelancing Opportunites in 2021
Online Job Search for Digital Nomads : Freelancing and Virtual Assistant Masterclass




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