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BitComet 1.74




v1.74    2021.1.15
    GUI Improve: display number of Long-Term Seeds in task list
    GUI Improve: add the detection and repair of improper disk boost service permissions
    GUI Improve: new advanced option: bittorrent.enable_lsd
    GUI Improve: add listening port, remote port and peer source columns in Peer list of BitTorrent task
    GUI Improve: display LSD status info in Tracker list of BitTorrent task
    GUI Improve: display LSD listening port status in Statistics page
    GUI Improve: display listening port forwards status for Remote Download in Statistics page
    GUI Improve: display detailed network speed info of protocol payload in Statistics page
    GUI Improve: display host name of Web Seed in peer list
    GUI Improve: display system notification when task download finish in Mac edition
    GUI Bugfix: invalid path prompt when import/export tasks and settings in Mac edition
    Core Improve: support Local Service Discovery, to search BT peers in local network using UDP multicast
    Core Improve: support ws parameter in Magnet URI, to add web seed
    Core Improve: upgrade OpenSSL to v1.1.1i
    Core Improve: decrease CPU usage in Mac edition
    Core Bugfix: fail to preview video files of huge size
    Core Bugfix: fix bugs when auto add a suffix to default saving file/folder name automatically for BitTorrent task
    Core Bugfix: fix bug in auto-rename when re-download HTTP tasks
    Core Bugfix: When detect UDP listen port forwards status, UDP packets from local network should be ignored




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