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How to browse hashtags on YouTube

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How to browse hashtags on YouTube


Google introduced a change to its YouTube video site this week that brings dedicated hashtag pages to the site. Hashtags are used by video publishers to label content; a tech video could get the hashtag #tech, a video about finance the #finance tag.


You could search for hashtags previously on the site, but the search results returned matching videos, those with the hashtag, and videos that YouTube's algorithm determined to be related to the query. An option to only browse videos and channels with a specified hashtag was missing until now.


The change introduces these dedicated pages, and it is very simply to access them. Either click on a hashtag that is linked on YouTube to open the dedicated page on the site, or use the following URL format to open hashtags manually: https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/NAME.


You need to replace NAME with the hashtag, e.g. windows10, boardgames, or puppies, to end up with this final URL: https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/puppies. Hashtags have no spaces in their names even if they are made up of two or more words.




Community Manager Jensen announced the change on January 12, 2021 on the official YouTube Help site. Many users of the site will probably miss the announcement as it is not read by the majority of YouTube users.

We’ve recently made an update to the way we group content together and help you discover videos through hashtags. Previously if you searched for a hashtag or clicked on a hashtag on YouTube, you’d see a combination of content using the hashtag in the video as well as other related content. Starting today, anyone searching for a specific hashtag on YouTube, either the desktop or mobile app, will see a new dedicated page that only contains videos with the hashtag, which are sorted to keep the best videos at the top. You can also navigate to these pages by clicking into any automatically linked hashtag you see on YouTube.

Searches with hashtags, e.g. by typing #tech in the search field on YouTube, still open the regular search results page. If you don't see a linked hashtag on the site, you need to use the URL format to load it manually.



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