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CherryPlayer 3.2.3


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CherryPlayer 3.2.3



CherryPlayer is a unique multimedia player that combines all the benefits and advantages of a desktop player and the ability to play almost all types of streaming multimedia, such as video, audio, radio, and live broadcasts.

It has an excellent looking, easy-to-use interface that allows you not only to play your music (including creating or playing your playlists) but browse your videos as well as YouTube and includes the ability to stream radio from the BBC, Billboard, Last.FM, YouTube, and ShoutCast. It packages a lot of features, all in an easy to use interface.

Cherry Player no longer depends on Flash.


Main Features

  • Support of almost all the file formats and codecs, live streaming, IPTV.

  • Free, quick and easy to use.

  • Search and playing music and video from YouTube, Twitch, 4shared, Soundcloud, Zaycev.net and VK.

  • Login to YouTube, Twitch and VK accounts.

  • Built-in playlists of YouTube and Twitch videoservices.

  • Built-in music charts of BBC Radio, Billboard and Last.fm.

  • Built-in SHOUTcast radioservice and radiostations sorted by countries.

  • Built-in codecs.

You need to download & install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package for Visual Studio 2017 to run CherryPlayer.


Changelog CherryPlayer 3.2.3 - January 12, 2021

  • 1. Added right panel with “Now playing radio”, “Playable playlist”, “Queue” and “Select playlist” options. It is now possible to open another playlist in the right panel and better manage files using the main playlist and playlist in the right panel (for example, drag & drop files from the main playlist to the playlist in the right panel).
  • 2. Fixed a lot of bugs in YouTube playlists.
  • 3. Fixed a lot of other bugs in the UI.
  • 4. Updated Slovenian and Spanish translations.


Homepage: https://www.cherryplayer.com/

Changelog: https://www.cherryplayer.com/cherryplayer-3-2-3/



Installer - https://download.cherryplayer.com/3.2.3/CherryPlayer-3.2.3-setup.exe

Web Installer - https://download.cherryplayer.com/CherryPlayer-web-installer-setup.exe

Portable - https://download.cherryplayer.com/3.2.3/CherryPlayer_portable-3.2.3-setup.exe

ZIP - https://download.cherryplayer.com/3.2.3/CherryPlayer.zip


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