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Kaspersky Internet Security New Year Giveaway (10 x Annual Licenses)


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In the past I have used antivirus solutions from different companies (like Avast, Avira, Bitdefender).


According to www.av-test.org and www.av-comparatives.org, Kaspersky Internet Security has very few false positives and minimal impact on system performance.


I've read that Kaspersky Internet Security also includes a VPN. That's another plus for me. But what interests me most about Kaspersky Internet Security is the unique combination of high detection rate of real threats, very few false positives and minimal impact on system performance (because of its low resource consumption) at the same time.


Therefore I would like to win a license for Kaspersky Internet Security and try out the additional features and security that Kaspersky Internet Security offers compared to free antivirus solutions.

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Giveaway Live Now

Giveaway Extended and Ends 15 Jan

Great thanks for this very good chance to win a key for a very good internet suite. I need a license for Kaspersky to protect my devices for all the latest threats, 0-day malware, keyloggers and the lastest ransomware. I just watched a review of KIS 2021 on youtube and i must say the latest version is lighter, faster and the UI is very stylish. Their firewall is great together with TAM protection provide a strong defence against the various threats.

I hope i can win a license key for this.

Thanks again.

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Why do I want to win an annual (one year) license for Kaspersky Internet Security?


Because I am always looking for the best way to protect my computer system from all the bad stuff (malware) that sadistic "Bad Actors" are trying to do to it.

...  At this time, there is no better rated protection from all viruses, malware, adware & spyware than  Kaspersky Internet Security. -- It also includes protection from ransomware has phishing protection which protects my valuable personal information such as banking info. ... The firewall has a great reputation as being better than My Window's firewall and the VPN feature is an added bonus. --- It has a great reputation with users, software critics, and the top 4 testing labs that test anti-malware software. --- Just "Google" it to see for yourself.



--->>> This is my Twitter.com media share link for this contest.


I have also liked  Kaspersky's Facebook.com page (Elijah Gale), followed their Twitter page (@divinenews), and subscribed to their Youtube.com page (Elijah Gale.)





*Thank you, Khanyash, for getting the Kaspersky team to sponsor this contest and for putting it together for all of us on this forum. ... You are very generous with your time and effort in behalf of others.:D 

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Kaspersky is one of the most reliable and trustworthy security apps. It effectively protects against all kinds of malicious threats like viruses, ransomware, hackers etc. It is also light on PC resources and I have personally used KIS and KRT to protect against and remove malicious threats.

Thanks  @khanyash

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