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Google extends support for Chrome on Windows 7 by six months, to now end in 2022


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Google extends support for Chrome on Windows 7 by six months, to now end in 2022



Google today announced that it is extending support for the Chrome browser on Windows 7 by another six months, with the end-of-support now set for January 15, 2022, moved from the earlier July 15, 2021 timeline. The new date makes it exactly two years since Windows 7 reached its end of life. The company says that the decision was based on the feedback received from its enterprise customers and data about companies’ migration plans to Windows 10.


The search giant adds that many organizations were slated to migrate to Windows 10 this year. However, the challenges brought about by the pandemic resulting in differing priorities for enterprise IT teams have delayed the migration. The firm also cites a Kantar study that it commissioned that notes that 21% of organizations are still in the process of migrating from the legacy OS to the Redmond firm’s latest offering.


Additionally, Windows 7 is still being supported for some users that have opted for Extended Security Updates, the price of which doubles every year. The Mountain View company says that such users can “benefit from Chrome’s security and productivity” features since the browser will not only receive security updates but also new features. It also touts the upcoming enterprise features that Windows 7 users will be able to leverage thanks to the extended support period.


Lastly, Google says that it will “continue to evaluate the conditions [its] enterprise customers are facing” and will communicate any other changes in the future.



Google extends support for Chrome on Windows 7 by six months, to now end in 2022



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Windows 7 ESU  eligibility dont end tell  January 10, 2023 the 1st year  ends January 12, 2021  and the price goes up from $25  to $50 per device if they still  not migrated  to Windows 10  .   If they not migrated  after 2021   January 11, 2022 it cost  $100  a device  they timed  it out prefect  ESU  support  ends the same day  Windows 8.1  does . People who has Windows 8.1 like me get these updates for free . But i dont even boot in Windows 8.1  long enough to do updates   the last time i boot in Windows 8.1 was to update my BIOS  because they only had the windows installer  at DELL. 


After January 10, 2023 only other OS  that will get updates other than Windows 10  will  be Windows Embedded POSReady 7 ends October 8, 2024  if you buy ESU the 3rd year . I doubt Windows Embedded 8.1  will get ESU not many ATMs using it.


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Google extends deadline for retiring Chrome for Windows 7


Windows 7 no longer receives updates since January 2020, and Microsoft is now encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 10, emphasizing that sooner or later, developers would pull support for this OS version too.


Google, however, has recently decided to actually extend its support for Windows 7, explaining in an announcement this week that Chrome browser would continue to receive updates on the 2009 operating system until January 15, 2022.


This is an extension of 6 months from the July 2021 deadline the company announced before, and the reason is as simple as it could be: the migration to Windows 10 is advancing slowly due to the global health crisis, and with many IT admins forced to work remotely, it’s obviously quite a challenge to move to install a new operating system receive updates.


Windows 7 running on 20% of PCs worldwide

And Google says it wants to support all these users with more updates for Google Chrome on Windows 7, as they just need more time to complete the switch to a newer OS version.


“After assessing the current situation, and based on feedback from our valued enterprise customers, Chrome is extending our support for Windows 7 until at least January 15, 2022.

That’s a 6-month extension from our previously communicated date of July 15, 2021. We’ll continue to evaluate the conditions our enterprise customers are facing, and communicate any additional changes in the future,” Max Christoff, Engineering Director, Chrome, explains.


“With this extension of support, enterprises with their upgrades still in progress can rest assured that their users remaining on Windows 7 will continue to benefit from Chrome’s security and productivity benefits. IT teams can also take advantage of Chrome’s existing enterprise capabilities and future roadmap, including our continued investment in cloud management, enterprise security capabilities, and our plans to integrate more closely with the broader ecosystem across the operating system versions.”


The latest third-party market share statistics have shown that at least 20 percent of the world’s PCs are still on Windows 7.



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