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GitHub Defies Copyright Cops, Restores youtube-dl


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1 hour ago, zanderthunder said:

Victory to Github, RIAA is a loser.

It didn't matter if they reinstated  it or not  it was being  made at gitlab   the whole time it was  down at github .   I got 2 updates from gitlab . They should of never took it down to begin with because it don't break DRM and is used in lots of legit apps. It benefited githubs agenda  anything that really breaks drm was never restored . It still  more easy to fork  it on another site . People who want to code iffy software should use other  options  or at lest back every thing up  on a backup repo  somewhere  else.



Forks are not automatically being reinstated. Fork owners must re-fork from the parent repository. This is per an official email from GitHub Support.


GitHub has to review it. The best thing that came out of it was  Github setup a legal defense fund to fight against bogus DMCA . But  if the app really  is piracy it still  will be removed.  It's yet to be  seen will they become  better at fixing things than the fork youtube-dlc it has sites fixed  in it it that  broke in youtube-dl.  I  be switching back and forth.


Also the RIAA  has not lost yet this most likely means  if the can't get it banned they will go after  Google to use  real DRM  and you  will have to get your music  somewhere else  unless  they make a app  that break  it and  due to the shitty  quality  of there audio i only stream it and download it from other  places already. Only  i download  music videos  and  concerts  from YouTube  not audio  only any site  has better quality downloads  .

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