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Windows 10 update installation failure is proving a real headache for some


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Windows 10 update installation failure is proving a real headache for some

Frustrated Windows 10 User

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Windows 10’s freshly released cumulative update for November is being problematic in terms of failing to install for some users, and there are a couple of other bugs besides – although fortunately minor ones.



Update KB4586781, for Windows 10 machines running the May 2020 Update or October 2020 Update, is failing to install for some people with a mysterious error message – something that we have seen with previous cumulative updates for Microsoft’s OS.


As Windows Latest spotted, the installation failure is accompanied by an error message which reads something like: “Some update files are missing or have problems. We’ll try to download the update again later. Error code: (0x8007000d).”


That error code may vary – again as we’ve seen in the past – and some users are finding that the patch takes a long time, leaving them sitting there wondering what their PC is doing, before getting the failure message.


Another user reported in Microsoft’s feedback hub: “The update downloads and installation goes to 100%. After reaching 100%, the update fails with [error] 0X80070308.”



On Microsoft’s Answers.com help forum, other users are reporting issues. One post read: “‘KB4586781 Failed to install on ‎11/‎12/‎2020 - 0x8007000d.’ I have tried several times to load KB4586781 using the ‘check for updates’ and also the download of the msu file. I also tried the version of the Nov update that would take me to 20H2. Neither will load and install without giving me that error message.”


Another disgruntled Windows 10 user chimed in: “This update has frozen my laptop for 2 days, and I’ve had to pause updates. It is just going through the same cycle as described downloads, installs to 100% freezes everything and after a hard boot is marked as failed. MS you need to get this fixed.”

Pointer problem

As well as the installation failure, there are a couple of slight bugs which have been reported, including the mouse pointer apparently blinking on and off after applying the KB4586781 update, and Microsoft Edge taking longer to fire up. Only a very small minority are affected by these minor issues, though, according to Windows Latest – but sadly the installation bug seems to be more prevalent.


If you are one of those hit by the installation failure problem, there’s no known solution or workaround, and your best bet may simply be to pause the update for now, and hope a resolution is forthcoming.


KB4586781 applies some important security fixes to Windows 10, and to Microsoft Office products.



Windows 10 update installation failure is proving a real headache for some



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What a mess if it was me  i would just downloaded  the update installer and  installed  it with powershell .It worked before when updates  got stuck. also  someone said they had to  connect  via a email  to even login after these updates. :rofl:



Edit: even installing  manual  is not working in this case

Lots of issues with them wiping  out peoples  logins  as well,  do you need  to unplug it from the net to  make a new offline account  to log back in?



Wiping Windows off your drive and installing Ubuntu will fix it  for sure :lmao:



All the problems it  is causing you may want to wait  tell  latter  to update or roll back to the older version of Windows 10   and  wait tell  they update you . Source


When i see  these  updates causing  users  stress  like this  it makes  me fell sorry for people who use  windows  as there daily driver  . What is causing it  they trying  to push  out to much  security and quality   updates  at one time   they  need  spread  there updates  out  more  and make them much smaller .




Even on Linux the  longer you wait to update   the bigger  chance you have at breaking something with  too many updates at once..

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Those users who lack knowledge of Windows update and installation can easily make mistakes or fail.

Please take a look at these tutorials on how to do it.



Tutorial 1 will tell you the common problems and solutions you will face in Windows Update.

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