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Microsoft warns Windows 10 update breaks Office updates


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Microsoft warns Windows 10 update breaks Office updates

Windows 10 update

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Microsoft has warned Windows 10 users that recent updates come with a number of bugs. Reportedly, one of the flaws prevents individuals from updating Office products due to a certificate loss issue.



After downloading October 2020 Patch Tuesday updates, some Windows 10 users received an error message reading, “Download of Office 365 file failed, error =” when trying to apply the latest Office updates. Microsoft is yet to reveal a workaround for the problem, meaning individuals must uninstall the faulty Windows update, then update Office and then re-install the Windows patch.


Microsoft engineer David James tweeted that the issue seems to be caused by the Windows 10 updates generating a certification failure, which prevents Memcm and Configuration Manager from downloading Office updates.

Update denied

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the Office update error is not the only issue users have been having with its Windows patches recently. There have also been reports of October Windows 10 patches causing File Explorer issues and even the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Microsoft has not commented on these system crash issues but did admit that system and user certificates could be lost during the update process.


“This primarily happens when managed devices are updated using outdated bundles or media through an update management tool such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager,” a Microsoft support document explained. “This might also happen when using outdated physical media or ISO images that do not have the latest updates integrated.”



Microsoft recommends that users install patches for their operating system using the official Windows Update service, rather than any other method in order to reduce the likelihood of any issue cropping up.


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Microsoft warns Windows 10 update breaks Office updates



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You can defer updates  up to 30 days even  on the home version  Patch Tuesday is  less than a week away  why are  they just now finding the  bug  now its been 3 weeks ? this only effects Office  365 users when they try to update,


After applying the October 2020 Patch Tuesday updates, users are getting errors when they try to update their Office productivity suite. The message is ‘Download of Office 365 file failed, error =”.

Microsoft Engineer  David James  warn about this   Oct  27  this  is said to work tell they get a better fix they released  one in patch b  still not working right.



The other bug  i posted about the other day  is way  more serious  the missing certificate  issue they telling people not to upgrade  via usb , dvd and iso  tell they  get it sorted  out you need  to upgrade online .

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Download of Office 365 file failed, Error =

Oct 28th .2020.


While downloading the Microsoft Office 365, you may encounter download of Office 365 file failed, error =. Let’s look at some ways to fix this error.


One of the easiest way to add an Office 365 installer is via the Configuration Manager console. Using the Office 365 installation wizard you can download, customize and deploy Office 365 to endpoints.


I have used the Office 365 installer to package and deploy Office 365 pro plus several times. I haven’t encountered any errors during download.


While this whole process works fine, sometimes you may encounter issues with Office 365 file downloads. In most cases you see a specific error code. For example Office 365 error code 5, means access denied.


If the required setup files won’t download, the wizard throws an error and just halts. So before you blame it on Configuration Manager, let’s look at some solutions.


Recently I saw people posting about the Office 365 file download error in my ConfigMgr forums. The error is Download of Office 365 file failed, error =. This error is observed while downloading the Office 365 setup files and the interesting part is there is no error code and it’s just blank.




Without error code it’s very difficult to troubleshoot the O365 file download issue. Moreover I cannot even think of reviewing any log file in this case.

If you are unable to download the Office 365 setup files and you have encountered the same issue, here are some of the solutions.

Check your Firewall Configuration

So with no error code, we don’t know why this issue is occurring. However we know that the Office 365 downloads aren’t working. So the first thing that you must do is check your firewall configuration. We all know that Office 365 requires connectivity to the Internet. The endpoints should be reachable for customers using Office 365 plans. Endpoints data is updated almost every month with new IP Addresses and URLs published 30 days in advance of being active. Endpoint data in this article lists requirements for connectivity from a user’s machine to Office 365. Talk to your network team and whitelist the endpoints provided in that article and give a try. I am confident that Office 365 downloads will work.

Office 365 Application Deployment

The second solution is bit weird but I see it has worked for few. Here is the Technet forum thread that I am talking about. The issue is resolved by changing the setting Do you want to deploy the application now? to Yes.



Uninstall October 2020 Update (KB4577668)

I am updating this solution after I saw an update from ConfigMgr product team.According to David James’s tweet, Windows October patches broke #configmgr #memcm’s ability to download o365 patches. we are working on a hotfix, and KB. The break is caused when the machine doing the download (admin UI, or ADR) is patched with oct’s 10b patches; causing a cert failure.


So the only workaround for now until a fix is released, is run the Admin UI on a machine that isn’t patched to 10b and manually sync the o356 patches.




According to Robinson Chan, seems like the October 2020 Update (KB4577668) on your primary site server may be the cause of the issue. In the Patchdownloader.log, you may see error: Authentication of file failed, error 0x800b0004.


Current workaround is to remove the Oct 2020 Update (KB4577668) on the Primary Site Server and then restarting the Server. Thanks Robinson for this info.


Apart from the two solutions listed above, If something else has worked for you, let me know and I will add it to this post.



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