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Uplay+ to become Ubisoft+, also heading to Google Stadia and Amazon Luna


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Uplay+ to become Ubisoft+, also heading to Google Stadia and Amazon Luna


Uplay+, the PC game subscription program Ubisoft launched last year, is going through a rebranding. Following November 10, the service will become Ubisoft+ and also take initial steps to shed its PC exclusivity. According to Ubisoft, a beta for Amazon Luna will kick off on November 10, and Google Stadia users are slated to gain access before 2021.


During the beta period for Luna, only the original $14.99 Ubisoft+ subscription will be required to gain access to the games on the service without needing an additional fee. The same offer will extend to the upcoming Stadia version, and even those with the free version of the Google service will be able to utilize their Ubisoft+ subscription to play games from the publisher. Post-beta pricing was not announced today.


The subscription's features aren't changing, with subscribers having complete access to almost the entirety of Ubisoft's catalog, both brand new and classics. On PC, this amounts to over 100 games, though on the streaming services side, it sounds like Ubisoft will be growing the library over time, with newer titles like Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Immortals Fenyx Rising landing soon. Some games, like Valhalla, will also include cross-progression, so players can jump between their preferred platforms easily.


This announcement arrives soon after the recent reveal of Ubisoft Connect, a new service combining the efforts of Uplay and Ubisoft Club into one that's available across all platforms.



Uplay+ to become Ubisoft+, also heading to Google Stadia and Amazon Luna



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