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Bill Gates lays out a three-point plan to rid the world of COVID-19 – and anti-vaxxer cranks aren't gonna like it


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Aunty Mabel on Facebook thinks he is a Bond baddie (spoiler: he's not)




Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates stuck an oar into tinfoil-hat-infested waters once again today with a pretty reasonable plan to deal with the ongoing global pandemic.


In an opinion piece for Tortoise Media, His Billness laid out a three-part plan for eliminating the grim threat of coronavirus and, unsurprisingly, it all hinges on those pesky vaccines.


Gates reckoned that likely more than one vaccine will be available by the early part of next year, but dealing with the pandemic would first require the capacity to make enough of the stuff, and then ensure a global reach for dosages.


"Right now," he said, "most of the world's supply of COVID-19 vaccines is slated to go to rich countries." Those countries at the other end of the scale are not so lucky: "As things stand now, these countries will be able to cover, at most, 14 per cent of their people."


Taking the ethics and morality of the situation aside, the result, according to Gates, is the virus continuing its rampage through large chunks of the world and wealthy nations risking reinfection because, after all, not everybody will leap at the chance of a needle stuffed full of special sauce. "The only way to eliminate the threat of this disease somewhere is to eliminate it everywhere," insisted Gates.


"New modeling from Northeastern University helps illustrate what will happen if vaccine distribution is so unequal. The researchers there analyzed two scenarios. In one, vaccines are given to countries based on their population size. Then there’s another scenario that approximates what’s happening now: 50 rich countries get the first 2 billion doses of vaccine. In this scenario, the virus continues to spread unchecked for four months in three quarters of the world. And almost twice as many people die."


"This would be a huge moral failing. A vaccine can make Covid-19 a preventable disease, and no one should die from a preventable disease simply because the country they live in can’t afford to secure a manufacturing deal," he added.


As well as upping manufacturing capacity (and noting the unusual sight of pharmaceutical companies sharing facilities), Gates also called for more funding to pay for both the vaccines and infrastructure to get doses to patients. "There's a lot to be learned from the ongoing effort to eradicate polio," he said. And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation knows a lot about polio.


Gates has been forced in recent months to deny that his support for vaccine research is actually a cover for something altogether more nefarious. Lurking within the recent Windows XP source code leak were all manner of conspiracy videos, and social media posts concerning Gates' involvement in the spread of the virus have fanned the flames licking up those 5G (or, indeed, 4G) masts. When asked in a recent interview if he wanted to use vaccines to implant microchips into people, the billionaire responded simply: "No."


Indeed, in terms of tracking people and controlling their moods, the social media giants are already way ahead of the game.


Gates went on to point out that building the system to identify and eliminate COVID-19 regardless of a nation's wealth will also give the world a running start when the next pandemic rolls around.


"The self-interested thing and the altruistic thing," he said, "are one and the same."



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You need  to get the facts  right  Bill gates Warned  Trump  in 2017  about  it . Gates listens to scientist Vaclav Smil, who warned of the inevitable threat of another pandemic in his 2008 book.  the

Aunty Mabel on Facebook thinks he is a Bond baddie (spoiler: he's not)     Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates stuck an oar into tinfoil-hat-infested waters once again

My only problem is how ACCURATELY he predicted Covid-19 Pandemic back in 2018. As if he knew a virus was going to be unleashed in late 2019.


Source from article from 2018:


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1 hour ago, d5aqoep said:

My only problem is how ACCURATELY he predicted Covid-19 Pandemic back in 2018. As if he knew a virus was going to be unleashed in late 2019.


Source from article from 2018:


You need  to get the facts  right  Bill gates Warned  Trump  in 2017  about  it . Gates listens to scientist Vaclav Smil, who warned of the inevitable threat of another pandemic in his 2008 book.  they thought  the pandemic was going  to  a  bad strain  of the FLU  so they didn't really know what it was the scientist just knew what happen in  the past is  all,  that a pandemic  strikes about every 20 years and we were  over due for one.    If  Gates was trying control  the population  he would  not of warn the Govt  and others.


1.Bill Gates has been warning of a global health threat for years.

2.Michael Osterholm  had been warning people for the last 10  years a pandemic was coming

3.Virologist and flu expert Robert G. Webster predicted an upcoming flu pandemic in a book he published in December.

4.The US Intelligence Team has warned about the possibility of a pandemic in recent years.

5.Jeremy Konyndyk, former director of USAID's Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance under the Obama administration, has said a virus similar to the 1918 flu pandemic will emerge.

6.Dr. Luciana Borio of the former White House National Security Council (NSC) team responsible for pandemics has previously warned of a pandemic flu threat.

7.More than a decade ago, Massachusetts public health officials projected that millions could become ill from a novel respiratory disease.

8.Online conspiracies have also been circulating, such as whether author Dean Koontz predicted the pandemic in a 1981 novel.

9. Self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne was also said to have predicted a global pandemic similar to the coronavirus.

10.Director Steven Soderbergh and screenwriter Scott Z Burns's film "Contagion" also seemingly predicted the coronavirus pandemic.

11. There's also speculation that Nostradamus, the famous 16th century physician, astrologer, and seer, predicted a "plague" similar to what has been seen with the coronavirus.

12 .Vaclav Smil


Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/people-who-seemingly-predicted-the-coronavirus-pandemic-2020-3?op=1


It was just conman sense that another pandemic was coming  they happen every so often :chug:

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You all need to try  and understand  science, actual sience, in better way than you follow conspiracy theories. the way a virus propagates and survives fits right into how mankind has chosen to live. this was true throughout the ages going back to BEFORE the bubonic and septonic plagues( where mankind had not a sniff how the virus moved) to the pandemic spanish flu to the one we are dealing with now and all other past present and future  virus outbreaks.

Not to mention if someone REALLY as you claim  wanted to kill off a lot of the worlds population on purpose for the reasons touted by these conspiracies, there are far more better ways to achieve that endgame without ths virus  AND why would they EFFING  care if they got discovered or just simply give up the effort because someone claimed they know all about it...if they kill of the numbers you claim they want to getting found out would not be something that be a deturence by any stretch of the imagination,

BUT, as usual, common sense actual fact and the truth are foreign concepts to conspiracy crowd.

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just a side note on conspiracy thinkers...in the days before steam locomotives could do no more than a few scant miles per hour. Someone soon invented a locomotive that could move at 60MPH... THE CURRENT THIKING OF THE DAY.  was that if man was in  a machine that could move that fast he would actually die from the speed ripping him apart... science just FRIGGING works...  conspiracies are debunked every single day but some refuse the evidence right in front of their eyes.

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That  conspiracy theory   about the Billionaire club or the good club steams from a article  The Times UK  May 2009  wrote that   took something they talked about in that meeting  over population   conspiracy theorist  took what happen and twisted  it  .



There was no agenda, we were told. And no plan for a follow-up meeting.


But in an age of fallen wealth idols, it was inevitable that a meeting of billionaire minds would draw scrutiny. Surely all that money and power in one room had to spell trouble for the rest of us..


An article in the Times of London, headlined "Billionaire Club in Bid to Curb World Population," said the issues discussed in the top-secret meeting included health care, education and--by far the most controversial--slowing the global population growth.


I am not taking a stand on population control. But from what I was personally told about the meeting--and what the Times spells out further down in its story--population control was just one of many items raised during the meeting, as each philanthropist talked about what they were working on. It wasn't the reason for meeting and there are no real plans for a follow-up confab.


The notion that this secret gathering was aimed mostly at shrinking the world's population just doesn't ring true.




Some People think because Bill Gates and a  bunch of Billionaire met once in 2009  they talked about  population control and many other things that they some kind   of cult. But the meeting itself was not about population control it was just brought  up. It was about a bunch of stuff. They never had another meeting since. It just like when me and my buddies use to have drinks  we said a bunch of stuff  but nothing ever happen . It's  the USA  they have freedom of Speech to talk about what they want .    It  steams  from Pro Lifers  bashing people like Gates who believe in  Women's rights  like the right to chose that was going on before that meeting  took place.    Its a smear campaign  and they still using  it .


People  who spread conspiracy theories  are  speeding up the natural  state of population control   by trying  to keep  people  with money from finding a cure.:(


They  the same people  who made up conspiracy theories about AIDS  and they still no cure for it.

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As i posted before  above about the Government warn people a pandemic was coming people  just ignored it . Bill Gates and the Government was wrong though it was not Influenza , but they was close. This is from 2008 from the Government.

Clinical review: Influenza pandemic – physicians and their obligations

An influenza pandemic threatens to be the most lethal public health crisis to confront the world. Physicians will have critical roles in diagnosis, containment and treatment of influenza, and their commitment to treat despite increased personal risks is essential for a successful public health response. The obligations of the medical profession stem from the unique skills of its practitioners, who are able to provide more effective aid than the general public in a medical emergency. The free choice of profession and the societal contract from which doctors derive substantial benefits affirm this commitment. In hospitals, the duty will fall upon specialties that are most qualified to deal with an influenza pandemic, such as critical care, pulmonology, anesthesiology and emergency medicine. It is unrealistic to expect that this obligation to treat should be burdened with unlimited risks. Instead, risks should be minimized and justified against the effectiveness of interventions. Institutional and public cooperation in logistics, remuneration and psychological/legal support may help remove the barriers to the ability to treat. By stepping forward in duty during such a pandemic, physicians will be able to reaffirm the ethical center of the profession and lead the rest of the healthcare team in overcoming the medical crisis.


Source : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2481470/



Bill Gates predicted a  bunch of stuff most of it was off by a long shot  .  He wasn't even right about this   they was no way to know  exactly what it was tell it happen. Same as all non influenza plagues  that happen.



He predicted 


* World Economic Forum, 2004: "Two years from now, spam will be solved."

Today, spam accounts for over 90 percent of all e-mail sent.

Foreword to the OS/2 Programmer's Guide, 1987: "I believe OS/2 is destined to be the most important operating system, and possibly program, of all time."

OS what?

* COMDEX keynote speech, 2002: "Within five years, I predict it will be the most popular form of PC sold in America."

"It," in this case, was the Windows Tablet PC, where you write with a stylus on the screen. Oh well.

The Apple Collection

You could make a whole Web site just dedicated to the pundits' predictions of Apple's death. You don't hear those much anymore, but for a few years the columnists and authors seemed smugly confident.

* "By the time you read this story, the quirky cult company…will end its wild ride as an independent enterprise."Fortune, February  19, 1996

* "Apple [is] a chaotic mess without a strategic vision and certainly no future."TIME, February 5, 1996

* "Whether they stand alone or are acquired, Apple as we know it is cooked. It's so classic. It's so sad."—A Forrester Research analyst, January 25, 1996 (quoted in The New York Times)

* "The NeXT purchase is too little too late. Apple is already dead."—Nathan Myhrvold (Microsoft's chief technology officer, June 1997)

* "Apple's erratic performance has given it the reputation on Wall Street of a stock a long-term investor would probably avoid."Fortune, February 19, 1996

* "'The idea that they're going to go back to the past to hit a big home run…is delusional,' says Dave Winer, a software developer."The Financial Times, July 11, 1997

* "The iMac will only sell to some of the true believers. [It's] clean, elegant, floppy-free—and doomed."The Boston Globe, May 14, 1998

* "For all of his success, all Steve Jobs had really accomplished was a temporary pause in Apple's long-term decline."Infinite Loop, 1996, by Michael S. Malone

* "I'd shut [Apple] down and give the money back to the shareholders."—Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, Inc., 1997

Of course, most of these quotes are from the dark period when Steve Jobs was exiled from Apple. After he returned as interim CEO in September 1997 the tide of predictions trumpeting Apple's demise quieted.





When he was  at M$ almost every thing he said never happen,. Hes lucky M$  even succeeded  as much as he was wrong in the past. He has  the  worse tack record of being wrong    and just because he  read some book saying a pandemic  was going  to happen that he did not even know what is was  that was coming  and warned  everybody  it was nothing  the goverment hadn't made public before that scientist wrote that  book . It was  not like it was classified  info.  People making  a big deal out of nothing  without one shred of evidence so in a court of law  you would lose and Gates wouldn't even need a lawyer . That's not civil  and is  infringing on  Gates constitutional rights.  He  should sue the  conspiracy theorist like info wars for slander.    :tooth:



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Again If anyone who had the  means to destroy life on the scale imagined bt the conspiracy peeps, and for the said reasons by the same peeps...why would the mere publication of the knowledge of those involved be enough to stop them from this nefarious deed... like really, they get to the point of inches away from implementation  of the said plan and then suddenly stop because because someone found out ...and that someone has no means to stop them...really...come on that in itself should be a conspiracy 

There used to be a guy showed up here a lot that if he ever saw any military vehicle in a "civilian zone" took it as proof positive the army was in fact "IN"  the process of actually taking over the country and the mere fact he saw it and took a picture was proof enough of concept and that just because he took the picture was enough to prevent it form taking place because he exposed it...Or that every  mass shooting was false flag op and that major weather events that killed people was from a secret NSA machine controlling the weather to  eventually kill us all, except for the uber wealthy 

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