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[Expired] [Giveaway/Contest] PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox (Lifetime with Unlimited Upgrades)


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Thanks for the Giveaway!

Comment on PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox & features. 

PowerArchiver 2021 is a compressio and decompression application for Windows-based personal computers. The toolbox package includes ISO Maker, Standalone CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burner and FTP Client. This software offers various abilities like encrypting data up to the disc that supports Blu-ray, with backup tools through FTP, cloud storage and Outlook plugin.

Followings are the New and Updated features  :
a. You can add and remove encryption from existing archives through Actions --> menu.
b. There is an optimization tool which can optimize your archive for better compression.
c. Archiver Cloud is integrated for better file management. The upload/download speed of files/folders significantly 
   improved and with support for Dropbox,  OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc. 
d. Improved ZIP speed for default mode.
e. Additional Hide mode for preview Window.
f. Automatic mode to determine Dark/Light modes based on Windows 10 settings.
Starting from PowerArchiver 2021, this application will also be available for MacOS.


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I have been checking to see whether this thread has been live or not. I am glad that it is now. Thanks for the opportunity to put a few words in praise of this really powerful tool. Below is my opinion.


PowerArchiver Toolbox is a bundle of various powerful features like smart archive-handling, full media discs burner (burns data, audio, ISO and more), and a Secure FTP client.


Among the existent versions of PowerArchiver, the Toolbox version seems to be the BEST version combining features of PowerArchiver Standard and PowerArchiver Professional.


PowerArchiver ToolBox supports over 60 formats of file compression. It comprises full set of encryption features, advanced backup, command line, MS Office add-ins; it also includes Virtual DVD drive along with full CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burner.

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With a full range of features covering basic compression, encryption, FTP/cloud support, virtual drive, and backup, PowerArchiver Toolbox is a business-level software suite that satisfies many use cases out there. Now that the developers added portable mode, this classic software is even more compelling choice for anyone who deals with compressing and sending files!


The new 2021 version builds upon an already intuitive interface to support dark theme and touch friendly trends that is popular in newer devices

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Finally This Giveaway Is Live...



Till Now Using Win Rar Evaluation Copy, Some Months Ago Winrar Giveaway i did not win...  It Has All Same Features That Winrar Has + iso cd burner is extra juicy feature.


If I Win Both 1 year and Lifetime.. Consider This Lifetime Key  Pls Pls.. Will Wait For Results





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Why do I want to win a life-time license of PowerArchiver Toolbox with Unlimited Upgrades?  


Because I won a lifetime license without upgrades of PowerArchiver 2016 PRO in that year and have been using it ever since as my primary app for compressing and decompressing (zip) files.

... I have found it to be the most "user friendly" of any software app of its kind. ... So, I can testify that this company's software is time-proven by me.

 ... And for your information, PowerArchiver Toolbox can compress, encrypt (military grade AES), and extract over 60 file formats which include ZIP,  PA, ZIP, RAR, ZIPX, 7-ZIP, CAB, PGP, TAR, XZ, GZIP, BZIP2, ISO, ZPAQ, WIM, BH, LHA (LZH), XXE, UUE, yENC, MIME (Base 64), ARJ, ARC, ACE, MSI, NSIS, CHM. --- This means that you are not going to run into file format used at this time that it cannot deal with.  --- Plus, I love the idea of it having a CD/DVD/BLUE-Ray file burner and its ability to integrate with and upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive all of which I currently use.


My Twitter.com media share link to this contest.


FaceBook and Twitter PowerArchiver pages liked/followed.



*Many thanks to our forum "Senior Member," Khanyash, for putting this contest together for all of us.😃

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Great Giveaway, Thanks @khanyash


I have already a giveaway license of  PowerArchiver 2018, but it is not suitable for latest version.


I am using PowerArchiver along with WinRAR & 7 ZIP, it is better for encryption and zip compression and also for burning

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First of all, let me congratulate @khanyash on this awesome Give-Away!

A Life-Time License looks very appealing!!!

PowerArchiver Toolbox is the most Complete Suite for handling compressed Archives.

I haven't seen another Program offering the features of PowerArchiver Toolbox.

It is, by far, better than WinRAR, WinZip, 7zip etc.

Please, count me in for a License!

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I am still  on PowerArchiver Toolbox 2016. Best compression software ever.

Very usefull is that PowerArchiver has the ability to compress files to RAR format.



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Power Archiver is one of the best archiving program around.

But its not just an archiver, it has lot more tools.

It can be used as a backup tool, it can also be used as a virtual drive.

Apart from that it can be used as cloud explorer, as an encryption tool, as  a password manager and many more.

It helps a lot as users don't need to install multiple programs.

Thanks for the giveaway.

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purchased lifetime license years ago. no doubt it's a powerful tool and only few archive software meet the standard of modern enterprise security policy. Love the build in encryption options.

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Before I read the OP I thought PowerArchiver is just another ordinary compressor/decompressor. I did not know it has built-in features for mounting an archive without first extracting it, and that it has built-in encryption and FTP support. These can come quite handy. 

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Long ago PowerArchiver is one of very rare tools which are supported decompressing .rar and .zip archives in one application. One program for almost all type of archives.

Today is feature rich tool. Have good encryption, big list of supported files. It is fast, and have good look.

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First thanks for the wonderful giveaway. PowerArchiver is not a simple archiving software. It includes many features that make it one of the best apps, it offers virtual ISO drive, data and Audio burner, support of many formats, advanced explorer integration, full enterprise backup suite and also access to 6 different cloud services. In addition, there is a powerful encryption, secure FTP Client and office plugin that are very useful. The software combines many useful tools in a single package with friendly user interface and fast file management

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This software has a nice interface. I like its dark mode to look modern.
However, it includes many features so the installation size is quite large.
I am using PowerArchiver 2019 Standard Edition.

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PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox can handle all major file formats like .ZIP or .RAR or .7z and a lot of more "exotic" file formats as well so you don't have to install many packing programs. PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox is like a swiss army knive for compression and so much more.  An extra feature I particularly like in PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox is the included PowerArchiver Virtual ISO Drive. So you don't have to burn your ISO files -you can simply mount your ISO files as CD/DVD instead. The program has a very clean user interface, which is another plus. 

Therefore I would be very happy to get a license for PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox.

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Power Archiver is a powerful tool that can compress and encrypt all variety of files much faster using 60+ formats as such ZIP,7Zip, ZIPX, PA, PAE with 256 bit AES Encryption.


It provides you to make ISO files to a CD/DVD even Audio burner, along with windows10 64-bit support.

It uses Low RAM usage and also supports RAR format. One can edit and save text files inside archives without extracting it.


It offers smart interface Tabs with one click PDF viewer and Ribbon toolbar. It supports archive browsing and many other great features.

Power Archiver 2021 Included AI with Dark, Automatic, Power saving, Touch, FIPS 140- and Compression Optimization modes.


A portable version is also available if you don't want to install it.

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PowerArchiver is a great app for performing archiving functions like opening, compressing etc. RAR, ZIP files and other archive formats.
It also has Data(ISO and other files)/audio Burner.
I also like that it has Explorer mode for easier file management and has modern and ribbon GUI for easy navigation and use of features for the user.
And lastly, though it has so many features, it is lightweight and fast in performing functions.



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Thanks a lot for another great giveaway @khanyash

PowerArchiver toolbox is a complete suite of functional utilities developed alongside the main archiving functionality of the program. What i use the most, except for the fastest and the best compression ratio software, is the iso drive emulation and the Office integration for the complete usability.

I would be more than happy to win such a complete and quality toolbox of useful instruments for my home remote activity.

Count me in please.

My share below:



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Thanks for the giveaway  khanyash !


PowerArchiver is a powerful archiver with full support for archives in ZIP, CAB, LHA (LZH), TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, BH (BlakHole), RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE, ZOO, GZ and BZIP2 formats, can work with UUE and XXE files and MIME email extensions. It is also possible to open various formats of disc images, namely: ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG.

There is a built-in utility for viewing TXT, RTF, BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF, GIF and JPG (JPEG) files. File sizes are limited only by OS capabilities. The program provides full file management in archives, can recover damaged ZIP archives and scan them for viruses, encrypt files and archives (Blowfish 128-bit, DES 64-bit, Triple DES 128-bit and AES 128-bit / 192-bit / 256-bit), create self-extracting and multivolume archives, convert archives from one format to another and work in batch mode.

There is support for working with FTP, long file names, Drag-n-Drop, integration into the Windows shell, advanced help system and user-friendly interface (2 options - Classic and Explorer) with skin support.


The program has built-in support for both creating and extracting many different archive formats, including support for working with Tar, 7z and Zip types, in addition, you can extract files from RAR and ACE formats. If we go back to history, then PowerArchiver has been released since 1999, that is, the company has quite a lot of experience working with archives, then, by the way, the program is completely free, but already in 2001 it moved to the paid section, then it lost most of its loyal users. but this does not stop us.
PowerArchiver can recover damaged ZIP archives, you can check them for viruses inside, there is support for encryption using different algorithms, you can create self-extracting and naturally multivolume archives. Implemented support for converting one archive format to another without losing size, there is a batch mode.

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