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App Manager v2.5.15 (Pre-release) (Open Source)


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App Manager v2.5.15 (Pre-release) (Open Source)






Yet another Android package manager and viewer but...


1. Copylefted libre software (GPLv3+)
2. Material design (and a nice UI)
3. No useless permissions
4. Does not connect to the Internet (the permission is required for ADB mode)
5. Displays as much info as possible in the main window
6. Lists activities, broadcast receivers, services, providers, permissions, signatures, shared libraries, etc. of any app
7. Launch (exportable) activities, create (customizable) shortcuts
8. Block any activities, broadcast receivers, services or providers you like with native import/export as well as Watt and Blocker import support (requires root)
9. Revoke permissions considered dangerous (requires root/ADB)
10. Disable app ops considered dangerous (requires root/ADB)
11. Scan for trackers in apps and list (all or only) tracking classes (and their code dump)
12. Generate dynamic manifest for any app
13. View/edit/delete shared preferences of any app (requires root)
14. Display running processes/apps (requires root/ADB)
15. Display your app usage, data usage and app storage info (requires “Usage Access” permission)
16. APK files can be shared (hence the use of a provider)
17. Clear app data or app cache (requires root/ADB)
18. Batch operations: clear app data, disable run in background, disable/kill/uninstall apps
19. One-click operations: block ads/tracker components, block components by signature, block multiple app ops

…and other minor features such as installing/uninstalling/updating/enabling/disabling apps, displaying app installation info, opening on F-Droid, Aurora Droid or Aurora Store combining the features of 5 or 6 apps any tech-savvy person needs.








[Feature] Added a tag for running apps in the App Info tab

[Feature] Added a tag for system apps installed/injected through Magisk in the App Info tab

[Feature] Added Bengali and Norwegian Bokmål (incomplete)

[Feature] Added reinstall and downgrade option in the App Info page

[Feature] Added option to downgrade for root and ADB users

[Feature] Added process state in the Running Apps page

[Feature] Added support for OpenPGP clients (such as OpenKeychain). Configure in Settings page (incomplete)

[Feature] Display a prompt to input backup name when multiple backups flag is enabled

[Feature] Manifest files of external apps are now parsed using apk-parser library

[Feature] Offer users to keep app data when uninstalling AM (android 10 or later only)

[Feature] Preserve sort order for components, app ops and permissions tabs

[Feature] Recommend ABI, locale and density in the split apk chooser dialog

[Feature] Save logs file internally at /sdcard/Android/data/io.github.muntashirakon.AppManager/files/cache/am.log>

[Feature] Switch to libSu (SuperSu turned out to be backdated despite its revival of late)

[Feature] For a single package, display a multiple choice list for deleting backups and a single choice list for restoring backups

[Feature] Warn users when taking/deleting/restoring multiple backups

[Fix] Add localization for "ok" and "cancel"

[Fix] Canceling an update in the what's new finishes the activity

[Fix] Changed various strings to increase readability

[Fix] Display only the latest backup info in the main page

[Fix] Fixed backup app listing

[Fix] Fixed broken app ops action in 1-Click Ops page

[Fix] Fixed crash in the App Info page if it's visited after uninstalling the app

[Fix] Optimized install time for root users

[Fix] Prevent the installer from failing if installation is triggered from the App Info page

[Fix] Running services now has the highest priority (over blocking/disabling, etc.)

[Fix] Rename toybox.so to libtoybox.so

[Fix] Use FileDescriptor when available to decrease install time


Data backup feature is still considered experimental and please do not rely on it to manage your backups yet. If you encounter any problem, please report to me without hesitation.









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