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[Expired] [Giveaway/Contest] PowerArchiver 2021 Pro for macOS (Lifetime with Unlimited Upgrades)


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PowerArchive is the best robust and versatile compression utility. It benefits from an intuitive interface. This file compression app supports a large range of formats – over 60 in fact, which includes TAR, 7z, ZIPX, ZIP, ISO, RAR, OpenPGP, and others. PowerArchiver comes with an excellent support system.

It is the best solution for users who need a reliable service for everyday file management.



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The best compression and extractor, support many format. Nice UI. 

Can see what files ini the compressed file without having to extract first, it really help. Already use software from this company for my old pc, and it helped a lot resolve problem ini compressed and extract file.

No need to use other similar program to compress dan extract many file, just use PowerArchiever and all is done.

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This could be easily the best archiver on a Mac, considering the lack of such utilities on OSX. I used to use Keka but Powerarchiver is so much more powerful and feature rich. 

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This software has a nice interface. I like its dark mode to look modern.
However, it includes many features so the installation size is quite large.
PowerArchiver is the best file compression software on macOS.

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PowerArchiver is a great app for performing archiving functions like opening, compressing etc. RAR, ZIP files and other archive formats.
It also has Data(ISO and other files)/audio Burner.
I also like that it has Explorer mode for easier file management and has modern and ribbon GUI for easy navigation and use of features for the user.
And lastly, though it has so many features, it is lightweight and fast in performing functions.

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PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox can handle all major file formats like .ZIP or .RAR or .7z and a lot of more "exotic" file formats as well so you don't have to install many packing programs. PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox is like a swiss army knive for compression and so much more.  An extra feature I particularly like in PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox is the included PowerArchiver Virtual ISO Drive. So you don't have to burn your ISO files -you can simply mount your ISO files as CD/DVD instead. The program has a very clean user interface, which is another plus. 

Therefore I would be very happy to get a license for PowerArchiver 2021 Toolbox.

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Many thanks for another exclusive giveaway @khanyash

Although I don't own a Mac for the moment, I plan on buying one soon so this software will be the first to install.

I expect to perform exactly or better than the Windows version seeing the great features developed in the Windows version also.

I like its lightness, elegance and the multitude of useful utilities on hand for any office activity. 

Count me in please. 

My share below:



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PowerArchiver is the best integration tool used for several purposes such as file compression, decompression, creating archives like ZIP/ZIPX, 7ZIP, TAR, and many more. It has a beautiful and customizable Interface with dark and light themes. It offers Password Manager that will save your time and saves from repetitive password entry.


Second, its Smart AI is very useful at the time of creating archives because its Smart AI guides you on which compression is best for your data.


Third 7zip feature with a strong security password and making archives of an archive file that will definitely save your space and easily store big files.

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Thank you for this giveaway @khanyash.


After skipping version 2020, PowerArchiver 2021 has finally been released. It was a long beta phase tbh. However, PowerArchiver 2021 has large improvements in comparison with version 2019 and brings new features, such as internal viewer and editor. It will become much more convenient to work on lots of archives of PDF files, images and text files (even with syntax highlighting!).


Since I also use some cloud service during the daily work, PowerArchiver Cloud can really help me speed up the file management routine and handle all the upload/download tasks. Therefore, I hope I could win a license of PowerArchiver to upgrade to the newest version.

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7 valid entries. Not all included entries are as per the rules. There will be 1 winner.




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3 hours ago, khanyash said:

Thank you for your participation


Congratulations @jamesDDI


PM me your real First Name, Last Name, Email Address within 3 days





Sent! Thank you!

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