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VLC 3.3 for Android introduces a massive list of new features


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VLC 3.3 for Android introduces a massive list of new features


VideoLAN, the maker of the popular VLC Media Player, has released VLC 3.3 for Android today. The new version is a massive improvement over previous versions. Most of the work went into improving the user interface and user experience.


VLC 3.3 can be downloaded from Google Play; existing users should receive upgrades of the media player automatically unless they have changed the app auto-updating settings on their Android device.


One of the first things that veteran users of the player will notice is that VideoLAN moved the main navigation to the bottom of the screen.


vlc android 3.3 1


A tap on Browse shows another new feature: local and network sources are grouped now for easier access. Another new option that falls into the same line of improvements is the added option to add videos to a group.  The main idea behind the feature is to provide users with a manual grouping option, as the automatic options that are provided may not be sufficient in all cases.


The video player has been redesigned and the developers believe that it looks more modern now when compared to previous iterations.


vlc android video player


The player features a number of improvements. There is a new lock icon to lock the orientation of the screen, and if a video has different audio or subtitle tracks, it is now possible to access these directly from the interface.


The built-in subtitle downloader has been improved, and it should be easier now to find the subtitle that matches the video that is active.


The audio and subtitle sync interface has been revamped in the release. The "sound heard" and "sound spotted" options help adjust the syncing, and the delay buttons help you fine tune the aligning of the tracks with the video stream.


Other new features in VLC 3.3 for Android

  • The AB repeat feature is now easier to use (to repeat videos or part of them).
  • Browsing screens support list views in the new release which is useful on widescreen devices (e.g. Android TV).
  • DVD and Blu-Rays that are played have their play positions saved automatically.
  • Media Sharing options to share media with friends.
  • Real-time video stats when playing videos.
  • Some settings where moved to the corresponding screens, e.g. option to change the vide mode of audio files.
  • The audio player displays a queue's overall progress.
  • The app icon has been redesigned.
  • Dark mode uses a complete black theme.
  • New option to donate money to the project.

Additional information is available here.



VLC 3.3 for Android introduces a massive list of new features



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