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AMD Big Navi will rise up to tackle the Nvidia RTX 3080 on October 28


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AMD Big Navi will rise up to tackle the Nvidia RTX 3080 on October 28


(Image credit: AMD)


The entire year has seemingly been leading up to AMD launching both its Zen 3 desktop processors and RDNA 2 graphics cards, with the latter expected to finally push Team Red into 4K gaming – and now we know when to expect them.


AMD has tweeted out a teaser for its upcoming graphics cards and processors, with the latter appearing first on October 8, and the former coming in right before Halloween on October 28 – just a couple weeks before the November 10 launch of the Xbox Series X that the graphics architecture will be powering. 


AMD CEO Lisa Su has also tweeted a teaser video teasing what is definitely a desktop processor for that October 8 date (you can tell from all the little pins on the bottom). We don't know much about what these processors will be capable of, but we do know they will be the first commercially available desktop processors built on the AMD Zen 3 architecture, so we're sure there will be some juicy improvements on the table. 


We also got a short teaser video about Radeon RDNA 2 GPUs, though we didn't even get a glimpse of a shroud or the GPU itself. Though, we're guessing this was what AMD Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions Frank Azor's tweet earlier was talking about. Still, at least we know both AMD graphics cards and processors are coming this year.




The AMD RDNA 2 graphics in particular are going to be of interest, as they're arriving after the monster debut of Nvidia Ampere GeForce cards, which Nvidia promises will massively boost performance over the last-generation Turing cards. We don't know where everything will fall when all these graphics cards come out, but we can't wait to test them all against each other to see who reigns as the best graphics card in a couple months.



AMD Big Navi will rise up to tackle the Nvidia RTX 3080 on October 28



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