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Edge Canary enables secure DNS by default, adds flag for smooth scrolling on PDFs


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Edge Canary enables secure DNS by default, adds flag for smooth scrolling on PDFs



Microsoft is making DNS over HTTPS (DoH) the default DNS setting on the latest Edge Canary builds. The firm added the feature this week within settings which also provides users with four custom DNS service providers to choose from if they do not want to use their default offering.


Google introduced secure DNS in Chrome in May as part of a revamp of the security and privacy controls. The search giant implemented the feature with Chrome 84, but the Redmond company has held out on bringing the feature to its browser. Just like Chrome, Microsoft provides four custom DNS providers that include Cloudflare (, Google (Public DNS), Quad9 (, and CleanBrowsing (Family Filter) to choose from.




The change to secure DNS as a default option further improves privacy and safeguards users from man-in-the-middle attacks that could read DNS queries sent in an unencrypted fashion. Considering that the change is not major, it should not be long before the firm promotes the feature to the other Insider channels before bringing it to the stable version.



Another addition making its way to Edge Canary is the smooth scrolling feature for PDFs. The company confirmed that it was working on this feature back in June, which can now be enabled from edge://flags under the “#edge-smooth-scrolling-enabled-pdf” flag. Microsoft debuted smooth scrolling in legacy Edge and has promised to bring the feature to its Chromium-based browser for a while now.


Source: Techdows



Edge Canary enables secure DNS by default, adds flag for smooth scrolling on PDFs



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