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File & Image Uploader 7.9.9

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File & Image Uploader 7.9.9       File & Image Uploader - Try the newest program for uploading files. File hostings Multiple file hosting upload servic

Portable by @jooseng: Website : https://www67.zippyshare.com URL: /v/ylt4yFZv/file.html mirror: Website : https://bayfiles.com URL: /feick9H6oe

Repack + portable by @UpGrade: Site: https://www98.zippyshare.com Sharecode: /v/Nc9N2cTz/file.html mirror: Site: http://www.solidfiles.com Sharecode: /v/p5Xdm4P48K72a or: Site: https://w

53 minutes ago, westrt said:

@Astron keygen not found


Make sure you copy paste the combined link.

The link must start with www66.zippyshare.com and not other like www21 or www54

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File & Image Uploader 7.9.9 Inc KeyGen-RadiXX11

Site: https://nelion.me
Sharecode: /xk0519lx4a10/File_%2526_Image_Uploader_7.9.9.rar.html


Site: https://mir.cr
Sharecode: /G0ZUZX7A


Site: https://upmirror.info
Sharecode: /files/12SAZPFZ/File.Image.Uploader.7.9.9.rar.html



Site: https://mega.nz
Sharecode: /file/uBtVSSAD#pjiZeECWJKN7saeLzezW4v8nh0tl9qpCNXXyKkKG1Zk

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Repack + portable by @UpGrade:
Site: https://www98.zippyshare.com
Sharecode: /v/Nc9N2cTz/file.html
Site: http://www.solidfiles.com
Sharecode: /v/p5Xdm4P48K72a
Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/12089773/File___Image_Uploader_v7.9.9__Repack_.exe.html
Site: https://anonfiles.com
Sharecode: /TdV1L9Jfoc/File_Image_Uploader_v7.9.9_Repack_exe

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I wanted to ask all of you using this, aren't you afraid the developer will do something bad with your uploaded files? I have read the developer can see that keys are generated by the keygen and that it's not a "real" purchased key.


And when he notice it's registered with a "fake" key he can (if he wants) delete files uploaded by the user. So I have purchased a license for this program because I don't want to risk that something bad happens with my uploaded files.


I quote some posts from this older thread:



Did not the developer will delete your premium account of files once he detected that serials were not his database?? 



RadiXX11's keygen was really never working for this program; keys will be accepted, but the program will close itself after a while (~26').

Other keygens or spare keys (carded or not) won't work neither, without proper cracking being applied.


This is a tricky program, which does a few silent server checks and it is said the developer manipulate users' accounts besides crippling some of its

functions on purpose, once it detects a non-legit version is being used. I bet getting rid of the checks by patching them, might be enough.


I already reported in RadiXX11's own blog not only this one, but other "not really working" keygens (Blue-Series Products) as well, but got no reply. I know for a fact, these last ones

are a real pain in the ass to keygen properly, without falling into the deceptive developer's tricks; to the point I already saw at least 2 different keygenners trying it in vain. :ph34r:



stick to free if you want peace of mind, 

developercan upload your encrypted password list and get in it with his backdoor.. 


I remember once I read at another site much more info about this, I tried to find that site now but I couldn't find it. If someone recognize what I write about please link to that site there it was much more info in this subject. I think it was a forum but I'm not totally sure.

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Since right after you open it and till you close it the program tracks and reports each and every task you make with it, even as a "legit" customer you are giving away all the data

you pass through it to the developer, and thus he is free to do whatever he likes to with it. And that's why the program will simply refuse to work in case you block it from

accessing its own telemetry servers. So, unless someone takes the time to crack the shit out of it, everyone who uses this program will be exposed to the developer's constant vigilance

and, in case of non-legitimate users, even the chance of retaliation of diverse nature.


These are a few sites where developer's deeds against 'misbehaving' users :naughty: where discussed back then:







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