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LMT Antilogger 3.8

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LMT Antilogger 3.8


LMT Anti Logger is a software that helps you prevent spyware from stealing datas on your computer



The main features of the software

- Real-time protection from viruses / trojans / keyloggers
- Block keylogger, screenlogger, clipboard logger and webcam logger. Such software / malicious code will be difficult to steal your data with LMT Anti Logger.
- Password Manager: LMT Anti Logger helps you manage passwords very securely, ensuring that Keylogger software can hardly retrieve your passwords.
- Finds and detects software that behaves similar to Keylogger or malicious software!
- Secure shopping: LMT Anti Logger will open a browser in a special environment, so you can rest assured online transactions without worrying about data theft!
- Protect browser password: LMT Anti Logger will notify you when a software tries to steal the browser password.
- Using AI to increase malware detection.
- Registry Guard.
- Microphone Guard.

- Basic Firewall.
- DNS Guard.
- Homepage Guard. 
- Protected Folder.
- Scan file with Virustotal, AI and heuristic.


Homepage: https://leminhthanh1998.github.io/lmt-anti-logger/index-en.html


Download for Windows 10 x64: https://antiporn.azurewebsites.net/fw/4accd814


Changelog for 3.8:
- Added Basic Firewall. The software will notify you when an untrusted program tries to access the internet. Then allows you to decide whether or not to block it.
- Fixed a bug in realtime protection.
- Now version 3.8 will support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 x64. But some features will not work on Windows 7.
Updated UI.

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