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[Game Contest] Mages of Mystralia


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Stay safe; stay well


Important: It is not possible to check the keys without activating the games.
The keys should work fine.
If a key doesn't work then I may or not give a replacement or new game.

Mages of Mystralia




In a world of magic, your mind is your greatest weapon. Learn the ways of magic and design your own spells

to fight enemies, navigate treacherous terrain, and right past wrongs in the kingdom of Mystralia.


 More info: https://store.steampowered.com/app/529660/Mages_of_Mystralia/ 


Important: Participants must have at least 5 reputation points to participate in the contest.


Mages of Mystralia (HumbleBundle Gift Link)

Post Your Comment To Participate In The Contest

I'll announce the winner on 18 May. PM me within 3 days to claim the win.

Good luck

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just the right thing for my wife (who likes to gamble) and I have my peace of mind and she talk to me to much ....Help..me Bro, need this game

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