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[Frontpaged] Internet Download Manager 6.37 Build 8 Beta


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21 minutes ago, Abacaxi said:

Crack done by @Dukun Cabul still works. I Installed over previous 6.37.7 beta .


Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/11343039/IDM-AIO_2020_Final.rar.html
Password: 2020





There is no such file.

Re-upload, please...

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2 minutes ago, DiamondMon said:


It's old cracked exe file. The new one? Or patch for new version?


OLD. (same done by @Dukun Cabul for v.6.37.7 beta)


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Internet Download Manager Activator



1. Exit from IDM.

2. Start IDM Activator and activate idm.

3. Start IDM and done, it's activated.



Site: https://www.upload.ee


Manual Guide:



Update edition:

Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/11232377/IDM_Activator_v1.7_By_ActVer.zip.html


Update blocked edition:

Site: https://www.upload.ee


1. Create folder named "IDMan.exe.Local" in IDM installation path.

2. Goto C:\Windows\WinSxS and find the folder like that one: 


Where's y is random letters and x is the version number.

find the folder with latest version number and copy all the folder name.

create a new folder in "IDMan.exe.Local" folder with the name that you copied,

and now just place the dll file in that folder.

3. Start IDM and done, it's activated.



Windows Updates may update to new version and create a new folder with newer version once that happens find the folder, copy its name and rename folder name of the older version in IDM to the newer one.

Features & Notes:


General features:
- Activate idm by just adding a dll file without replacing, patching or modifying anything so the original files stay untouched.

- This activator is universal. Supports retail and trial versions with the hope it will stay fully working on future updates with all its features.

- It's safe for use, any detection is false positive because of packing.


Normal version features:
- Supports updates so you can update normally from idm as long as the dll file stays and not removed by the update installation process.

- Block home callouts of license checks including hardware identification while allowing update checks+downloading them.


NoUpdate version features:
- NoUpdate version blocks all callouts to internetdownloadmanager.com and it's related domains and IP address so you can make sure your privacy is safe. take note that updating from idm is not possible using the noupdate dll version. Also downloading anything like idm setup from their site through idm is not possible.

- dll file stays after updates installation process so there no need to add the dll again after each update unless it got deleted.


- These features may fully\semi work or may not work in future idm updates.


- Windows Updates may cause dll file not being loaded, when that happens just run the activator again and activate IDM.


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