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[Frontpaged] Tixati 2.72


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Tixati 2.72


Download | Windows (x32) https://dlmirror1.tixati.com/download/tixati-2.72-1.win32-install.exe

Download | Windows (x64) https://dlmirror1.tixati.com/download/tixati-2.72-1.win64-install.exe


Download | Portable - https://www.tixati.com/download/tixati-2.72-1.portable.zip




Changes in 2.72:

  • several new sequential downloading options available from Settings > Transfers > Files > Sequential Options
  • adjustable sequential download tail length, both as a percentage of file length and absolute size in MB
  • setting for sequential download progress limit, so after the set percentage pieces are no longer downloaded in order
  • adjustable intensity of sequential download focus on desired pieces vs rarest pieces
  • optional sequential download settings presets
  • updated all file priority menus in Transfers, Files tab, and preload dialog to work with sequential presets
  • updated buttons in preload dialog to work with sequential presets
  • in file Auto-Select options, in Sequential tab, can now use [presetname] line to select desired preset for wildcard filename match
  • WebUI has been updated to use sequential presets
  • fixed problems with Auto-Select not working correctly with single-file torrents
  • copying text from channel / message views in Linux now has correct native linefeed format
  • fixed problems with Ctrl-V pasting of magnet links in Transfers view
  • added key combination Ctrl-C to copy magnet links of selected transfers
  • Select-All button in transfer preload window will now also expand all folders first
  • corrected El Salvador flag image
  • fixed minor display problems with bandwidth chart time labels
  • fixed bandwidth chart display problems in WebUI
  • updated IP location tables


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