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[Frontpaged] qBittorrent 4.2.2


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qBittorrent v4.2.2


qBittorrent is a free, open source application based on Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar that runs on all major OS such as Windows®, Linux, Mac® OS X®, OS/2 or FreeBSD (including support for over 25 languages).

The primary purpose of this Bittorrent client is to offer an alternative to other similar torrent managers. The main features are:

- similar user interfaces with µTorrent (for a smooth transition).

- integrated and customizable search: on most famous BitTorrent search sites.

- support for all BitTorrent extensions: Magnet/BitComet, Peer Exchange, DHT, etc.

- advanced control for trackers, peers, and torrents (torrent queueing and prioritizing).

- support for UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding.

- bandwidth scheduler and sequential download.

- IP Filtering (compatible with eMule and PeerGuardian) and IPv6 compliant.

- detailed torrent info: size, status, seeds, peers, download and upload speed, ratio, etc.


Changelog: Tue Mar 24 2020

- FEATURE: Allow transfer list text color changes through QSS (Prince Gupta)
- FEATURE: Option to show console when external program is run (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Rename Country column to "Country / Region" (Thomas Piccirello)
- FEATURE: Change the defaults of some settings (FranciscoPombal)
- FEATURE: Refactored Transfer List code to allow theming. As a sideffect the row height has more padding. (glassez)
- FEATURE: Allow double-click in preview dialog (thalieht)
- FEATURE: Expose stop_tracker_timeout in advanced settings (an0n666)
- FEATURE: Add piece_extent_affinity to AdvancedSettings (FranciscoPombal)
- FEATURE: Reorganize UI theme selection (Prince Gupta)
- FEATURE: Show any multiple connections from the same IP in peer list (thalieht)
- FEATURE: Add stalled filters to GUI and Web API/UI (FranciscoPombal)
- FEATURE: Use IP geolocation database by DB-IP instead of MaxMind (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Allow to save downloaded metadata as torrent file (glassez)
- FEATURE: Allow single app instance per configuration (glassez)
- PERFORMANCE: Move multiple torrents one by one (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Disable Torrent Queue by default for new users (an0n666)
- BUGFIX: Update free disk space label on Category change in Auto Mode (Medvedishce)
- BUGFIX: Save resume data after recheck (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Tracker is errored only if all local endpoints fail (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Change placement of stop tracker timeout setting (An0n)
- BUGFIX: Redesign torrent startup handling (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Show "∞" instead of " -1" in Preferences (Sakib-Abrar)
- BUGFIX: Improve code efficiency for reverse resolution of peers (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Handle HTTP redirection to magnet URI (glassez)
- BUGFIX: Various fixes for portable mode (Tester798)
- BUGFIX: Include resume folder path in exception message (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Change placeholder text in torrent list's filter (djt3)
- BUGFIX: Improvements in the embedded tracker to be more spec compliant (FranciscoPombal)
- BUGFIX: Improve the options tooltips (NotTsunami)
- BUGFIX: Check if file exists in seed mode (an0n666)
- BUGFIX: Delegate GUI scaling work to Qt (Nick Korotysh)
- BUGFIX: Fix crash when renaming torrent contents (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Fix total connected peers count calculation (FranciscoPombal)
- BUGFIX: Allow other keypresses in LogListWidget (NotTsunami)
- BUGFIX: Disable Auto TMM when not using default savepath from monitored folder (thalieht)
- WEBUI: Fix first row renaming in files tab (Denis)
- WEBUI: Use SVG image for WebUI favicon (Nick Korotysh)
- WEBUI: Inherit text color for filter list elements (Nick Korotysh)
- WEBUI: Expose WebUI ban counter to users (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Expose WebUI ban duration to users (Chocobo1)
- WEBUI: Implement "Secure" flag for session cookie (FranciscoPombal)
- WEBUI: Remove unused/deprecated option (FranciscoPombal)
- WEBUI: Prevent excessive sync requests (FranciscoPombal)
- WEBUI: Fix populating statistics window (FranciscoPombal)
- WEBUI: Fix matching uncategorized torrents (FranciscoPombal)
- WEBUI: Always allow whitespace in category names (FranciscoPombal)
- SEARCH: Bump python version for new installation (Chocobo1)
- SEARCH: Fix missing string (Chocobo1)
- SEARCH: Drop python2 support (Chocobo1)
- WINDOWS: Installer: Option to start qBittorrent on Windows start up (An0n)
- WINDOWS: Installer: Improve Czech translation (slrslr)
- WINDOWS: Installer: Update French translation (zywo)
- WINDOWS: Installer: Update German translation (schnurlos)
- WINDOWS: Installer: Update Japanese translation (maboroshin)
- WINDOWS: Path length limitation is removed on Windows 10 1607 onwards (an0n666)





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