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[Frontpaged] ShareX 13.1.0


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ShareX 13.1.0


Installer  https://github.com/ShareX/ShareX/releases/download/v13.1.0/ShareX-13.1.0-setup.exe

Portable - https://github.com/ShareX/ShareX/releases/download/v13.1.0/ShareX-portable.zip



Changes in 13.1.0:

  • Added “Theme” tab to the Application settings window
    • If “Use custom theme” option is enabled then you can select “Dark” or “Light” theme presets from dropdown menu or make your own custom theme
    • If you only want the main window to have custom theme then you can uncheck “Apply custom theme to all windows” option to disable automatic theming of other windows
  • Thumbnail view in main window now supports multi selection by holding Ctrl / Shift and selecting thumbnails
  • Thumbnail view now supports key shortcuts, previously only available in list view
  • Added thumbnail title location option to main window right click menu
  • Added “Run action” sub menu to main window task right click menu
  • Step annotation tool can now have a tail, which can be shown by dragging the resize node
  • Added week of year pattern for file naming: %wy
  • Added random emoji pattern for file naming: %remoji{10}
  • Added URLEncodeIgnoreEmoji option to Application settings Advanced tab which is needed when using emojis in file name. Currently this is only supported in Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage uploaders
  • Added Persian language support (by @pourmand1376)
  • Added “Particles” image effect. For example, it can be used to add snowflakes to screenshots
  • Removed random position option from image watermark because “Particles” image effect can be used for the same purpose
  • Added multi color gradient support to border & background image effects
  • Preview image in image effects window now resizes automatically to fill empty area
  • Added social media buttons to bottom left of main window, such as Twitter and Discord
  • Added “Video converter” tool, which supports encoding using these encoders:
  • Added “Image splitter” tool, which can be used for instance, to make giant emojis for Discord
  • Added color name label to color picker tool
  • Support special folder variables in “Actions” file paths, for example: %ProgramFiles%
  • Added Opus as an option for FFmpeg audio codec (by @Scrxtchy)
  • Added VP9 (WebM) encoding support to screen recording
  • In “Export / Import” tab added “Settings” and “History” checkboxes to let users select what they want to export
  • History is now stored as JSON instead of XML, XML history file will be automatically migrated to JSON history file on startup
  • Screen recording encoding progress percentage is now available in tray icon tooltip
  • History window now supports mass copying (by @C03)
  • Added screen color picker support to color dialogs in region capture
  • In QR code window, decode result links are now clickable
  • In file exists window support Enter and Esc inputs
  • Removed Google+ URL sharing service


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