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[Frontpaged] Macrium Reflect 7.2.4711


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Macrium Reflect 7.2.4711


: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=99&arch=1&redirect=Y
x86: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=99&arch=0&redirect=Y


x64: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=0&arch=1&redirect=Y   
x86: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=0&arch=0&redirect=Y


x64: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=1&arch=1&redirect=Y   
x86: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=1&arch=0&redirect=Y  


x64: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=2&arch=1&redirect=Y   
x86: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=2&arch=0&redirect=Y   


Server Plus
x64: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=3&arch=1&redirect=Y   
x86: http://updates.macrium.com/Reflect/v7/getmsi.asp?edition=0&type=3&arch=0&redirect=Y   




Changes in


Bug fixes and Improvements


  • Delta Index Saving Efficiency
    We've improved the efficiency of saving Incrementals with large delta indexes.
  • Technicians USB
    We've enabled the Technicians USB stick and ISO to run the portable version of Reflect on Windows Hyper-V and Server Core OS's.
  • Phantom partitions on GPT Disks
    A corrupt GPT partition table on disk could cause Reflect to display 'phantom' disk partitons. This has been resolved.
  • Standalone Consolidation
    Using the Standalone Consolidation tool, consolidate.exe, to consolidate Incrementals where an existing consolidated Inc is between the 'From' and 'To' Inc, could cause Reflect to erroneously try to locate a previously consolidated file when the backup set was opened. This has been resolved.
  • File and Folder
    If a File and Folder backup definition included multiple root paths for the same drive but the drive letter was specified in both upper and lower case (eg, 'D:\Data\1' & 'd:\Data\2') then the backed up paths could be erroneously split at 'D:' & 'd:' when mounting the backup in Windows Explorer. This has been resoloved
  • Alternative locations
    Using 'Alternative locations' for a backup could break the 'Enforce an entered image or File and Folder backup file name' option in the global defaults. This has been resoloved
  • Rescue Media Builder
    • When building PE 10 rescue media, RMBuilder will now correctly detect any installed PE 10 ADK of version 1803 or later.
    • If RMBuilder found any file system errors while scanning a folder for drivers, the rescue media builder could close unexpectedly. This has been resolved.
    • When building PE 10 rescue media, RMBuilder would sometimes unnecessarily perform a full rebuild of the wim. This has been resolved.
    • Under certain circumstances, RMBuilder would not be able to swap between Windows PE and Windows RE. This has been resolved.
    • Checking and un-checking the Override Drivers checkbox will no longer cause drivers to change status from "Driver already present" to "Copy host drivers".


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