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Canary-build Microsoft browser blocks Microsoft extension from inflicting Microsoft search engine


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Virtue is its own reward




There's at least one browser out there unwilling to accept Microsoft's attempts to fiddle with search settings, and it's made by... Microsoft.


The Canary build of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser has taken great exception to the Microsoft Rewards extension.


The latter is a nifty little thing that earns the user Microsoft points through an occasional quiz or searches using Bing.




Those points can then be redeemed for goodies in return for, well, surrendering quite a bit. A glance at what the extension does lists "Display notifications" – OK, "Manage your apps, extensions and themes" – er, what? "Change your search settings to: bing.com" – heck, no! "Read your browsing history" – I don't think so...


It appears the Canary version of Edge also doesn't think so as the default privacy settings appeared to come down like a ton of bricks on Microsoft's own extension.


As for why we would use such a thing (as well as taking a chance on the Canary build of Edge) – it's all in the name of trying out stuff and seeing what breaks.


Interestingly, the release version of Chromium Edge had no such qualms about letting the extension through its hallowed portal.


Naturally, we asked Microsoft what might be going on here. It seems that the rapid pace of Chromium Edge development means that the gang are always trying out new things, which could explain the behaviour.


It is, after all, very much preview code.


We rather like a browser that blocks anything that wants to slurp our history or switch stuff to Bing. After all, things have not gone well for Microsoft's search engine in recent days and weeks. Microsoft has also attempted to slip Bing into enterprises via a Chrome extension installed as part Office 365 Pro Plus.


With Bing seemingly able to be knocked out by a "third-party fiber networking provider's" cock-up, blocking an attempt to fiddle with browser search settings would seem A Good Thing. Even if the gang are only trying things out on canaries.





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Nothing strange about it. all normal.

Microsoft shouldn't discriminate so they treat all extensions equally and warn for any extension that tries to change search engine if the option in Edge settings to warn is turned on.

not sure why they made a post for a totally normal thing o.O

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Because there forcing  people to install there extension in order to  use office 365 in chrome and the blocking it in Chromium Edge Canary .



Also Microsoft are about 20 years too late to start blocking search engine hijackers people use to install Super Anti Spyware  to block them because IE never block them and we had 3rd party software to remove tool bars  from IE .   They started shipping browsers in 1995 in Windows in a update  in Windows 95 and millions of people got infected using IE even in 2020 they are. So they really dont have a good track record with browser security only reason people used IE was because of Web Standards imposed by Microsoft  that lazy Web designers adopted  were you had to use with Active x to make web sites work that was closed source so no other browser could use it.  also  back then  another thing lazy Web designers used  was Closed source sun Java and Microsoft stole it and shipped it in Windows 98  and Windows Me .( Microsoft Java)  and was sued and didn't ship in xP and newer anymore , Any one remember going to  web sites and catching a Java Virus? Both Web Site programming languages back then  had really shitty security! They will always put legacy usability for Enterprise ahead of windows 10 security! 


Also when they made Windows  8.1  they partnered with  closed source malware ridden  Flash and put it in Windows updates after it was always optional and it will be in Windows 8,1  and  Windows 10 updates tell they phase flash out , Like making Apps dependent on IE and old EDGE were they can't retire them old browsers . Edge was like Windows 8.1 were Microsoft had a brain fart and it failed its a wonder   they didn't change name of it to something else because of the bad stigma attached too it ,they always do really crazy things  like making local Windows search need the internet in Windows 10. They talk the security and privacy talk but they dont walk the walk..  They never have one step forward and 2 steps backward.


What if Google  would of done that and made Chromium closed source . Microsoft would have  no Chromium Edge if they had  . Only reason they adopted Chromium was because Web Standards are based on Chrome  now and they was being left behind . There years late to the party again just like they was with Windows Phone when every one used IOS and Android already   they a 1000 spins of Chromium forks by now  its way more fragmented  than the smartphone market ever was and not none of them been really successful but Google .


Young people today dont remember all  the problems  Microsoft caused with browsers  back in the day . that's why everyone switch to Firefox and then Google Chrome when it came out latter in the 1st place ,  that why no one ever  used the old EDGE  when they get a case of deja vu they will remember... embrace , extend , extinguish.  Just because they done a Opera and copy Chrome dont mean all of us will ever trust them again. i stop using browsers made by Microsoft in 2006 and i have no reason to use one now after all these years . :clap:


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