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Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode is rolling out to phones today


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Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode is rolling out to phones today



Google announced Interpreter Mode earlier this year, rolling it out to Google Home and Assistant-powered Smart Displays some time later. As suggested by the name, Interpreter Mode permits users to communicate back and forth when they're abroad and do not know the local language. Now the company has announced that it is rolling out this feature today to "Assistant-enabled Android and iOS phones worldwide."


To enable this feature, users need to say “Hey Google, be my German translator” or “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish." Google Assistant will slide up a sheet, translating the conversation in both of the users' native languages. It may also offer smart replies to facilitate a conversation if users are unsure what an acceptable response would be in a given situation.


Users can use the Interpreter mode by using the keyboard if they are in a quiet environment or manually select the language that they want spoken out loud. As this feature is integrated with Google Assistant, it is already available on Android phones, while iOS users need to install the latest version of Google Assistant from the App Store. For now, the Interpreter mode is available in 44 languages including Arabic, Hindi, and Russian among others.



Source: Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode is rolling out to phones today (Neowin)

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OK Google. Say where is the taxi stand in Portuguese.

Most of the time new technology doesn’t mean much to me. Tell me that Microsoft has a new set of icons and I start snoring. Show me a fancy new laptop and I rarely raise an eyebrow — except at the price. Mobile phones were a biggie, but it was years before I took them seriously. Same for WiFi. Car backup cameras. Big TVs.


There are exceptions. My first non-trivial FORTRAN program blew me away. When I plugged in a bunch of Google Mesh nodes and WiFi just worked. The iPad. First ride in a Tesla. Windows Home Server. Roomba. Alexa.


This morning I had another “kapow!” moment and wanted to make sure you know about. Google’s Interpreter, which was released a couple of days ago.


I pick up my phone and say OK Google. Say what is for breakfast in Thai. A voice comes back to me in perfect Thai.




OK Google. Say where is the bathroom in Russian.




OK Google Say where is the taxi stand in Portuguese.




This, my friends, is some serious magic. The Hitchhiker’s Babel fish is almost here.



Source: OK Google. Say where is the taxi stand in Portuguese. (AskWoody - Woody Leonhard)

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