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Most Europeans now prefer AMD CPUs as sentiment turns against Intel


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Most Europeans now prefer AMD CPUs as sentiment turns against Intel

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
(Image credit: Future)


AMD’s CPUs are again winning big against Intel, not just in current sales, as we’ve previously seen, but also sentiment in terms of future processor purchases that consumers might make, at least according to a new report.


The survey from the European Hardware Association (EHA) canvassed the opinions of tech enthusiasts across Europe (specifically folks who read EHA publications), and found that they “expressed a distinct preference when asked about the next desktop processor that they would buy, with over 60% choosing AMD”. Obviously that leaves 40% in the Intel camp.


This is a big change from last year, when the picture was reversed, and 60% preferred Intel. It shows the major impact that Ryzen 3000 processors have had in 2019, grabbing a huge slice of the desktop enthusiast CPU pie as we’ve seen in various different stats and reports that have emerged throughout this year.

Another way to look at this is that AMD has gained 50% more supporters in the last year, which is a huge leap, without a doubt.

EHA chairman Koen Crijns noted: “The last three years has seen AMD gain a lot of momentum in the enthusiast segment. With the Ryzen series of CPUs, AMD has eliminated any lingering performance gaps, while offering a great price/performance ratio.”


Of course, Intel has not only had to fight a battle in terms of that price/performance value proposition offered by AMD, but has also been plagued by production and supply issues with its Core family of CPUs.

Talking graphics

The EHA survey also found AMD had gained ground in the GPU arena, too, although as other reports have indicated, the company is still way behind Nvidia.


Almost 23% are in favor of AMD’s graphics cards, which obviously still leaves Nvidia winning big, but AMD is at least making progress, considering that back in May, only 19% of those the EHA surveyed chose AMD over Nvidia.


As ever, we have to be careful about exactly how much we read into just a single report, but it’s no real surprise that tech enthusiasts are starting to more heavily skew towards AMD when it comes to processors.



Source: Most Europeans now prefer AMD CPUs as sentiment turns against Intel (TechRadar)

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Most Europeans now prefer AMD CPUs as sentiment turns against Intel Looking at the future purchase intentions of European tech enthusiasts (Image credit: Future

Any chance to see (link?) the full/detailed survey?


Did not see the link on EHA site. Only found that it was pooled from >10000 questionnaires from people joining EHA events.

Another citation form techradar (2019.10) following the first link: "Of course, in the greater CPU market – which includes mobile chips for laptops, and also the army of business PCs out there – Intel still dominates."

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