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Calibre 4.5.0

Download | x86 - https://download.calibre-ebook.com/4.5.0/calibre-4.5.0.msi

Download | x64 - https://download.calibre-ebook.com/4.5.0/calibre-64bit-4.5.0.msi

Download | Portable - https://download.calibre-ebook.com/4.5.0/calibre-portable-installer-4.5.0.exe



Changes in 4.5.0:

New features

  • Driver for the new PocketBook Inkpad X
  • Driver for the new Bookeen Diva HD
  • PDF Output: Add an option to shift text horizontally on odd/even pages.
  • Image viewing popup dialog: Add a checkbox to fit image to window.
  • Edit book: Create @font-face rules when importing multiple font files into book automatically, similar to how it is done when importing a single font file.

Bug fixes

  • PDF Output: Fix incorrect rendering if the input document has too many anchors.

    Closes tickets: 1854345

  • Fix a regression that could cause window layout settings to sometimes not be saved during shutdown

Improved news sources

  • L'express
  • The Toronto Star


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