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[Frontpaged] AIMP 4.60 Build 2160


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AIMP 4.60 Build 2160


Download - https://www.aimp.ru/?do=download.file&id=4


Download Page - http://www.aimp.ru/?do=download



Changes in 4.60 Build 2160:

  • Common: localizations has been updated
  • Plugins: API has been extended
  • Player: the /VOLUME command line switch has been added
  • Advanced search: list of selected to search playlists are now saved between work sessions
  • Advanced search: dialog's UI has been updated
  • Fixed: general - you cannot delete file physically if it next in playback queue and the "pre-load next track while current is playing" is switched on
  • Fixed: skin engine - music library window displays incorrectly in some skins if app is in night mode
  • Fixed: tag editor - ID3v2 - parser ignores the TMOO field
  • Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - files whose path is more than 260 characters cannot be played
  • minor issues were fixed



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